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Taking part in living
  • From : Hla, Finland
  • Joined : Sun 23rd Jan 2011, 8 years ago

About Me

Done music all my life and gonna make some more :D

I have more music in here :

Instruments I play

Guitar,drums,little bit of vocals if i HAVE TO.

Software I Use

Cubase (sx)5 for the most part.Sometimes Reason 5 comes along as a sample player etc.

Hardware I Use

Okay,time for nerd talk : Esp Ltd guitar,Kustom 200 watt *Quadrasomething* Amplification,Phonic 30 channel mono Eq for the guitar plus few Behringer rack units.

Micing the amp i use very tiny set up with behringer´s pocket size pre tube amp and an condenser mic.

Also i can use Behringers Virtualizer pro for the guitar if needed.

That´s about it,rest if software BUT mostly it´s how you use what you got!!! THAT IS 1ST THING! DON´T BE FOOLED!

Listening To Right Now

All music is worth at least a listen. Rock and old,real metal are muy bueno.

But then again,i can´t get anywhere from great music of Aretha Franklin,Mahalia Jackson,Blind Willie Johnson etc.

And Elvis is still there too :)

10 Favourite Albums

Really,too many to mention!

My Influences / Fav Artists

Well,i am influenced by many things.Even non musical things influence me musically.

When i was a kid,thru Elvis Presley i got introduced to black gospel style which influences me till i die. Of course,Elvis also brought the Rock n roll to my life.But i would say black Gospel music is what lights me right up.

But after Elvis it was like Sex Pistols,Whitesnake,argh Bon Jovi! noooo!

Then came heavy metal later on but the darker side always felt stupid to me and i just loved the style of music,not the ideas in the lyrics etc.

Then in vocational school while training to be a carpenter,i got introduced to fusion Jazz bands like Mahavishnu Orchestra. My friend who showed that music to me,he is dead now but i will always be in debt to him cos he really opened me up musically.

Now i listen all types of music...okay,not so much hip hop cos it does not challenge me in any way.Just merely "feeling good" is not a lasting value for me.

Anyways,if you want to know more,ask me.

My Music Sounds Like it´s been thought about a lot.

In My Other Life I ...