• From : Tha Krypt, Denmark
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About Me


Instruments I play

boomba doomba changa changa heeyyy we want some pooosssaaayyy heeeyeyeyeyey we want some pooooossssaaayyyy

Software I Use

Creep witta 9 down as fuck smoked a dime cause I'm pissed fulla hate time to motherfucking die so I ride witta 9 millimeter on my side. No remorse from the gate just another homicide. I'm A killa from the wood gotta rep my fuckin' hood catch a hoe what is good to yo grave get the boot born with hate and some rage shoot yo with my fuckin' gauge just da dog in a cage holdin' motherfucking weight.

-Cursed, King of tha hill

Hardware I Use

H. Is for tha haste I demonstrate increase murda rate
O. Is for the Overload of souls a nigga must take.
L. Is for line after line now I'm feeling fine.
O. Is for opponents taking losses, dead at any moment
C. Is for da Casulties I cause made yo heart pause.
A. Is for assassinate lames we elimanate. 9 milli set you straight
U. Is for I'm aiming for. Hearing voices can't ignore.
S. is for da sins I begin off that fucking gin. Doing dirt on my lonely with a slightly evil grin.
T. is for da terrorist 24/7 takin' risk. Eyez red cause I'm pissed. Damn, I need a therapist. World trade catch a fade. Livin' life so treacherous.


Listening To Right Now

phonky house - joehdah.

10 Favourite Albums

Pink Lotus - Freddie Dredd.
Whole world bout to recycle - Yung Dmize.
Ashes to Ashes Dust to Dust - Tommy Wright III.
Do Not Rmx - Apoc Krysis.
King of tha hill - Cursed.
Cough it up - Apoc Krysis.
Cowbell Cult Vols 1 & 2 - Cowbell Cult

My Influences / Fav Artists

joehdah, freddie dredd, pharmacist, mcholocaust, cursed, memphis cult, cowbell cult, apoc krysis, tre flip.

My Music Sounds Like

Michael Jackson.

In My Other Life I ...

unko kutte shine