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About Me

i am superclutz! flintstone is what i relate to when im down and out, to me fred flintstone was my grandfather (looked exactly like him ) so he is my rock when i need something solid in my life. supercluts is my alter ego. i am an artist and work on manty different levels have to be a little odd because i hate the normal vice of thinking inside the box. i am a nut. i have no particular genre per say but do love to rap and play guitar have a collection of home made instrument now and will be getting some samples up here soon. so for the ones that know me i got something new to hopefully bring here and for the new youll prob like what you see and hear. right now i have no mic or even a way to move files from my main pc to the one that is on line so all of yall just gona have to wait. i miss everyone on here that i used to know and will be very glad to work with as many as i can as soon as possable. get r done.

Instruments I play


Software I Use

never telling anybody thAT sory somethings need to be kept secret

Hardware I Use


Listening To Right Now

whatever sounds good...you!

10 Favourite Albums

super 8 king of the world
led zeplin any!
van halen old stuff
jimmie hendrix any song
beatles older stuff
eminem older stuff
dr dre older stuff
pac and biggy older stuff
stanley jordan anything!! man is a genius!!!
pink shes cool
adele very amazing
sasquatch anything, they are amazing.

My Influences / Fav Artists

everything on this planit and things right outside oif the box. i am art. i breathe art. i cant live without it. yay!

My Music Sounds Like

a pizza with everything on it. plus a soda!

In My Other Life I ...

was killed for making too much noise (music!! lol)