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  • From : London, United Kingdom
  • Joined : Wed 15th Nov 2017, 1 year ago

About Me

I am a YouTuber who makes terrible music and posts them on to Newgrounds and Soundcloud. :) I mainly focus on Dubstep work but I like to throw a couple other things in there as well.

Instruments I play

I used to play the clarinet and then played the recorder. Both sounded awful. Then, when I went into highschool, started to play the keyboard. I won't tell you the make (Casio).

Software I Use

I use Soundtrap. A free online audio software. It is good because it is mainly aimed at beginners just starting to create music electronically.

Hardware I Use

I use my Keyboard and mouse to place the rhytms and the basslines and the drums.

Listening To Right Now

I currently listen to Xtrullor, Meganeko and other Dance and Dubstep artists. I do redommend dance for those who like a lot softer synths and dubstep to those who love the harshness of growls.

10 Favourite Albums

I don't have any favourite albums since I don't download them or own them. I know, I am sad. :)

My Influences / Fav Artists

I love Dubstep so I get ideas from other dubstep artists such as Xtrullor. I like listening to dance songs so I try to create music like them and fail miserably.

My Music Sounds Like

I have no idea what my music sounds like to be honest. Throw a lead in their, randomise some drums and place a bassline that plays every 1 - 2 bars.

In My Other Life I ...

I play videogames most of the time and occasionlly play football with my friends.