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About Me

My homies are my family, an my family is one tha most important things to me, Mary Janes good, but Im not gunna ditch my family fo that sh*t, MMWCL Ima juggalo an Id call my music a form of the Wikid Sh*t, but its infused wit my Traila Park Style of Freshness which gets the whole family jumpin mutha fu*ka thats-shreal! Please dis the sh*t outa my music if its bad, but I wanna hear a mutha fu*kin WHOOOP WHOOOOP, if you down wit Nikon, an tha whole mutha f*ckin TRAILA PAAARRRK!

I make music that I like, if I didnt like it why tha f*ck am I still recordin? sh*t I do what I do way that I do for me an anyone else who likes it, you hatin? WHUT? get the fu*k outa hear, strickly family in dis B*TCH

Instruments I play

Software I Use

Magix, FL and other Demos I cant afford any more than that at tha moment...

Please Dont hate if I dont give proper respect to the makers of loops that I use I mass download a bunch and work to throw together a bunch at a time but I want yall to kno that I give mad love and respect to all who help me thru this, besides if you gettin so mad why make it downloadable?? haha git at me.....

Hardware I Use

Listening To Right Now

yer mom in bed next to me mutha fucko!

10 Favourite Albums

fucka fav. to hard to decide.... If you wanna Do a Colab jus hit me up I am more than willin wanna try an get more MCs up on my next cd, it dont matter if you unknown er heard by many as long as you chill we chill

My Influences / Fav Artists

Tha LOOPERMAN Fam. because if it werent fer your loops I dunno if I'd have as much a varity in tha beats I throw together....

Any Good Music I like is my influence Including, but not limited to,

Tha Traila Park,
Loonatix Productions
Bone Thugs & Harmony,
Mystic Roots,
Too Short,
Cypress Hill
Killa C
Tech N9ne

Jus a Few, but theres plenty more

My Music Sounds Like

Me on a Cheap Microphone makin music most old people wouldnt listen to

In My Other Life I ...

I do what I do tha Way That I DO!