• From : Barlad, Romania
  • Joined : Mon 11th Sep 2017, 2 years ago

About Me

I am a simple man that enjoys listening and making beats. I am not popular at all, i can say that i am kind of a lonely guy.

Instruments I play

I play the piano tho i just got started, like 4 months ago. I know. It's not good.

Software I Use

I use FL Studio to produce, I am not a master at what im doing and i'm giving my best, staying more than 4 hours on a track would be necessary in the future.

Hardware I Use

I have some Logitech Z333 speakers, note that i don't have STUDIO Monitors, i am low on cash and i want to make a living out of music. Good luck with that.

Listening To Right Now

I'd really like to recommend Caleb Belkin, i think he has talent in making beats and I really wish i was as advanced as him in the production of music.

10 Favourite Albums

I can't think of any, i don't pick albums, i pick only songs, there is always a song in the album that you don't like, im that type of person. You don't have to love everything about your favorite artist.

My Influences / Fav Artists

I don't have favorite artists, they are all equal to me and this is how it should be, anyone can become a producer and make wonderful things, education isn't a necessity in some cases. Be you.

My Music Sounds Like

My music is all over the place, sometimes chill, sometimes scary even. But the most describing word for my music would be trippy.

In My Other Life I ...

I go to highschool. I still haven't graduated highschool and I'm on the point of repeating the year because of my math teacher... that really isn't a teacher I would say. He's more like a robot that has the power of GOD when teaching math and wants us to reach his level of knowledge