• From : Glasgow, United Kingdom
  • Joined : Mon 10th Jul 2017, 6 years ago

About Me

Im just a casual 17 year old who's been making beats for the past three years, and rapping since two, i don't really rap that often as im more involved in making beats, many people tell me that i should stop and that i should find something better to do with my life but this is what i like and enjoy doing.

Instruments I play

I don't know how to play any instruments, it might sound like a joke but i never learned how to play an instrument.

Software I Use

I am using the producers version of FL Studio 20 nothing much nothing less, i started in FL I'll stick to FL

Hardware I Use

I don't own any piece of hardware as i record all of my vocals on a phone, that might sound like a terrible quality but it actually has a good mic that helped me start making some vocals.

Listening To Right Now

I listen to a lot of artist but when i find someone that i like and that i vibe with i listen to them for a lot longer. If you're looking for some "experimental" rap i would recomend listening to Sybyr, his music might sound a bit annoying at the start but it gets better when you find just the right songs from him.

10 Favourite Albums

I don't have a wide variety of albums to choose from besides everything that's from xxxtentacion and his colabs, but if I were to choose one album from him that would be 17 as it has a vibe that can put you into a different state of mind.

My Influences / Fav Artists

People like xxxtentacion Ski Mask The Slump God SuicideBoys Shakewell and many more had me started making music, but if my friends weren't there to tell me about any of them i would've probably dislike all of them, so a big thanks to them.

My Music Sounds Like

My music might be versatile as some times it could have a sad vibe and other times energized, but my music is based on the mood that im in most of the time, im letting my emotions out in just some bars that makes me feel better.

In My Other Life I ...

My life is not that eventful as i just go to school come home and either play games or just do nothing, my life is pretty boring but i got used to it.