Your moms favorite rapper
  • From : Los Angeles, United States
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About Me

Came to the City of Angels with no friends and no money. Watch me leave with everything. Making music to share my stories and make new friends while doing so. Let's have fun.

Instruments I play

I am always learning and improving with the piano and guitar.

Software I Use

I produce all of my beats in FL Studio. Most of my loops are made in FL Studio as too; however, I occasionally work in AudioSauna when I don't have access to my usual set up.

Hardware I Use

I use a Lenovo laptop to run all of my production software. I record my vocals in a studio on a different set up that is different than my personal set up.

Listening To Right Now

I am always listening to Duwap Kaine and D Savage. I would recommend them to anyone.

10 Favourite Albums

The album "No Shame" by Hopsin sits at the top of my list of favorite albums. Both Duwap Kaine's "Underdog" and Montana of 300's "Don't Doubt the God" album are tied for second.

My Influences / Fav Artists

Musical artist Duwap Kaine, D Savage, Montana of 300, and Hopsin all influenced me as an artist and as a person. Listening to them for hours on end has allowed for some of their own styles to seep into my writing and works.

My Music Sounds Like

My music sounds like youthful joy. The people who don't care what anybody else thinks as long as they're happy and enjoy a bit of blissful ignorance are the people who enjoy my music the most.

In My Other Life I ...

Get baked.