• From : poland, Ireland
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About Me

im a polish guy living in ireland,im going to study sound engineering(starting september2009),my aim is to become a producer,mainly electro and progressive house,i was into music ever since i was 13,my influence at the time was rave scene,originally coming from london england,1988 that was a begining really(carl cox,rozalla,baby d,prodigy,moby,depeche mode,kratwerk the real pioneers of electronic music,jean michelle jarre and many more)when i was growing up in gdynia(poland)a new wave of music took my interest,techno mainly from germany(i think that is where its coming from really)and then my teen years,another genres,real gangsta rap from the states,not commercial crap but the real vibe,then funky house also coming from the states originated in chicago to be exact,vocals were very common in this genre and it was pleasant to listen,next my teen years between 15-18commercial dance and trance(mostly goa style)and then 18-21 more heavy sounds comes in(progressive house-the old style)and my favourite "electro"heavy basslines and catchy synths,that was it,i was hooked for good,i tried some djing for past 2 years-2007-2008,but tried it,learned it and discovered better side of music,wich was creating the music,i use ableton 7 at the momment(i think its a complete tool if you know how to use it)i tried cubase before,but it was just as confusing,you can the same tings the easier way and protools for example are made for studio enviroment,i also use m-audio midi controler but like making my own loops using a drawing mode,loadz of plugins(my fav korg legacy collection),if you read it thanks for taking the time:)))peace

Instruments I play

decks(with serato)and have couple a vinyls as well,m-audio midi keyboard controller-oxygen8
guitar a bit:))

Software I Use

ableton live 7le
korg legacy colection
izotope ozone3,4
izotope rx

Hardware I Use

serato scratch
laptop dell inspiron 1525
korg effects unit
logitech speakers
m-audio bx8a studio monitors
denon hp1000 headphones

Listening To Right Now

david caretta(;love his old sets)french artist
claes rosen
john dhalback
adam shaw and many more

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