MaxXimus K
  • From : Vista, United States
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About Me

I am sort of a jack-of-all-trades (and a master of little). I LOVE DDR, but haven't been to an arcade in a looong while. I see sides to things that most others do not, but never mention them because I don't like being rejected. I am not normal, but normal is overrated. I like to be a good person, and "the exception to the rule" for the titles branded on myself.

If I am ever to pass, I wish for my music to live on. Through that, I will never die.

Instruments I play

Used to play piano and guitar, but I've lost the touch, and I can't remember what notes are what on sight.

Software I Use

FL Studio. (More-so FL)

Hardware I Use

Just a laptop, quaint ain't it?

Listening To Right Now

Sonny Moore (Skrillex)
J. S. Bach
Naoki Maeda
Sota Fujimori
The Enigma TNG
and many, many others, big and small. I have been recently listening to my own works though (to revise and enjoy) more than I have the others. I recommend the named for a well rounded view. I do enjoy and appreciate their talents.

10 Favourite Albums

I don't have favorite albums really, mostly because I like songs as I hear them, and I don't usually have an artist to search for one from. But I suppose Bangerang.

My Influences / Fav Artists

...That's a very good question, I suppose I get a slight bit of influence from everything and everyone around me...

If I had to specifically state influences,

My Music Sounds Like

Electric. Soothing yet spunky. I don't make just one kind of sound, but Electric is a good, roundabout answer.

For my first album that I'm going to (eventually) release, it will be metallic with a touch of crazy for it's style. I'm studying different genres but will heavily be based on Industrial, Dubstep, Ambiance, and Drum & Bass styles.

In My Other Life I ...

am drawing, writing poetry, helping friends and people who help others. I speak philisophically, but mostly to myself, for no-one cares to be open minded, or they simply don't care.
I also attend college.