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Kingmannie1990s 7th Jun 2017 15:01 -  6 years ago

on La La La by itsMichaelLacroix
Can check my loopman page got freestyle I put on there call I plan sing with the beat can u mix and my verse and ya be ft on it Djmzike or we calbo on yeah another track it be ay bless work with ya sir need a producer give all credit leave name & title
CitizenMofo 30th May 2017 19:02 -  7 years ago

on La La La by itsMichaelLacroix
I like the vibe of this drum and voice track a lot. I like the simple melody and the reverbed vocals - what you have so far sounds great. But I don't think the journey is complete. It feels like the start of something really great but which needs more development.
itsMichaelLacroix replied 31st May 2017 - 7 years ago
Thanks! I used a loop for the drum, I normally work with other artists, and which they make the song for me and I send them the vocals!.