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aidangrimm 4th Oct 2022 06:02 -  1 year ago

on Sad Eden ft Snow Guitar Cold morning by ApesProd
The Note F Is not In E minor just a disclaimer for other producers and artists using autotune.
aidangrimm 14th Sep 2022 10:26 -  1 year ago

on Gemini - Hotboii x NoCap Type Guitar by GLONE
dis hard
aidangrimm 15th Sep 2018 21:33 -  5 years ago

on Hiphop Drumloop by DirtyArchives
could you not spam 10 pages of loops at once
aidangrimm 9th Jun 2018 15:34 -  5 years ago

on Nightdriver Chords by AlbertGreen
this is so pretty actually i can't wait to try it out
AlbertGreen replied 9th Jun 2018 - 5 years ago
I'm glad that you like it.
aidangrimm 19th Apr 2018 03:28 -  6 years ago

on Gods Plan Instrumental Remake by chillmar
sounds like you just sampled the beginning which is illegal and against the looperman rules more importantly.
aidangrimm 24th Mar 2018 20:50 -  6 years ago

on Hell boy by YassineSayar
love it man I'm gonna use this soon hopefully!
aidangrimm 24th Mar 2018 20:45 -  6 years ago

on Reversed Electric Guitar Chords by Willaman
Drop the original !!