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eggs0ntoast 17th Apr 2023 00:24 -  1 year ago

on Cradle Guitar 1-3 by xKingK420x
thanks for uploading sick loops man i made this with them, please enjoy :)
eggs0ntoast 16th Apr 2023 07:01 -  1 year ago

on Corpse Riffs 1 by xKingK420x
sick loops mate thanks for uploading :)
xKingK420x replied 16th Apr 2023 - 1 year ago
Thanks, plenty more to come
If you need anything specific let me know :)
eggs0ntoast 7th Feb 2019 07:59 -  5 years ago

on 4 Adam and Eve by - Foevabeatz by FOEVA
hi bro nice bells man, shags240 IG saw the name and popped in say hi :)
FOEVA replied 7th Feb 2019 - 5 years ago
bet just followed back
eggs0ntoast 31st Jan 2019 11:20 -  5 years ago

on LouisK Trap Loops - Mob Ties by LouisKTheGod
nice one bro used it straight after make drums lol, nice bro here is track needs vocals see how it pans out cheers mate...
eggs0ntoast 6th Dec 2018 22:23 -  5 years ago

on Competition of beatmaker Dark piano by XIVBEAT
eggs0ntoast 1st Nov 2018 03:26 -  5 years ago

on Birthday of the Gods 120 by alividlife
lol man true i trippin out over making stuff now n then too that little squeeky sound in the back there on this one is the kinda thing that does it to lmao ......salute bro
eggs0ntoast 1st Nov 2018 03:21 -  5 years ago

on Birthday Build by imakebeatsLF
nice birthday loops man they from a track of yours? im intrigued lol
eggs0ntoast 30th Sep 2018 06:31 -  5 years ago

on 2nick8 Eggs on Toast Beat by 2nick8
nice bro, cheers man aye salute..
eggs0ntoast 28th Sep 2018 11:11 -  5 years ago

on 2nick8 Do U Receive me Beat by 2nick8
sweet man cheers, ill send you if i make something salute bro
eggs0ntoast 27th Sep 2018 06:32 -  5 years ago

on 2nick8 Do U Receive me Beat by 2nick8
nice few loops there man i got something in mind ...salute bro
2nick8 replied 27th Sep 2018 - 5 years ago
saloot brudda..u can email me dsnick73 at gmail dot com
eggs0ntoast 25th Jul 2018 14:59 -  5 years ago

on crooked bass by WeazelBeats
nice one aye.. perfect for grime hybrids i mess with lately cheers for being a champion bro salute..
eggs0ntoast 21st Jul 2018 07:43 -  5 years ago

on Beatbox by TheFlakesMaster
ick bro it gunna be sweet for new grime hybrids aussie hybrid grime :)
eggs0ntoast 5th Jul 2018 09:08 -  5 years ago

on 2nick8 I am coming beat by 2nick8
ican hear .. took a minute remember the name but 3 loops n it hit me as "you be killin em" from fabulous ... lol im no stranger to audilbe hallucination though lol :)
2nick8 replied 5th Jul 2018 - 5 years ago
hahaha.. sometimes u gotta listen between the lines...thankfully there's no climax!
eggs0ntoast 10th Mar 2017 14:21 -  7 years ago

on Dubstep 140 Bass Loop - F SHARP by Auver
nice, now im inspired :)
eggs0ntoast 27th Oct 2016 05:20 -  7 years ago

on Metalic sluggy vomit by DoctorPyro
sweet :)
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