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n10davis 1st Jul 2022 00:20 - 1 year ago

on Fast Car by SaintLoreyn
Great upload. Let me know what you think of my beat "Trust" and if you want to work together further
n10davis 24th Dec 2020 23:57 - 3 years ago

on When The Smoke Clears by OG7even
Merry Christmas, here's your present -
n10davis 17th Mar 2020 00:24 - 4 years ago

on I Pray by Norad
Really think i've made something good here. Let me know if you think the same
n10davis 15th Mar 2020 23:34 - 4 years ago

on SNLive Vocals by CRUZRWAYT
Great acapella once again, I've used a few of yours now and they slap
n10davis 15th Mar 2020 19:08 - 4 years ago

on lil Baby an Future Type vocals by OG7even by OG7even
Made a hit like you asked for, check it out man
Hard acapella btw
n10davis 26th Feb 2020 01:32 - 4 years ago

on Tapped In Vocals by CRUZRWAYT
YEAH i made a sweet one right here
great rap man

n10davis 24th Feb 2020 00:30 - 4 years ago

on On My Brudda by CRUZRWAYT

You asked for no wack shit, so i had to make it good

Hard flow my guy
n10davis 14th Jul 2018 14:00 - 5 years ago

on I Got Plans - 16 Bars by natjamesworld
n10davis 10th Jul 2018 14:55 - 5 years ago

on Lucid - 16 Bars by natjamesworld

Combined two of your uploads, you're class mate
Comments (9)