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Description : This loop is 4 of 4. How the loop was intended to be. Mother32 and E340 run through distortion, with an added chorus effect (though I've uploaded versions without distortion or chorus if you'd prefer that).

Description : This loop is 3 of 4. Mother32 and E340 run through Distortion for a guitar-like effect. No chorus in case you wanted to apply your own chorus, delay, or reverb etc.

Description : This loop is 2 of 4. Would recommend not using this if you plan on using the other loops from this set. I just posted it in case someone wanted it without the distortion. Recorded using Mother32 and E340.

Description : This loop is 1 of 4. Started the project and enjoyed it but it's not close enough to my usual stuff for me to want to finish it.

Loops 1 - 4 of 4