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Type : Instrument | OS : Win 32Bit | Format : VST
Tags : Synth


Jacky is the result of a small studio disaster: we had bought a fun-looking little transistor organ called the Luxor Jacky with the intention of sampling its sounds and onboard rhythms. Tragically, though, we’d just finished doing the rhythm section when Jacky emitted a spurt of smoke and a sad noise, and that was the end. There was no hope of reviving her. All we were left with were the rhythms we’d managed to record, so… we turned them into a freebie.

Jacky comprises five combinable transistor rhythms with a warm, slightly gritty tonality, plus drive and compression controls to punch them up a bit. Individual drum hits are also mapped out for you to use. These sounds may not hold down a whole track, but they combine well with other sounds and lend a nice vintage vibe 


Download Jacky From Rhythmic Robot Audio Website (opens external url)

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