Ginger Audio - GroundControl Cube

0 CommentsDeveloper : Ginger Audio
Type : Host | OS : Mac 64Bit | Format : Standalone
Tags : Volume, Host, Peak Meter
GroundControl Cube


GroundControl Cube allows you to monitor GroundControl’s driver's output through your computer’s internal speakers or headphone output.

GroundControl is a Virtual Audio Driver for OS X with nice control room monitoring options.

GroundControl virtual audio drivers allow applications to pass audio to other applications with zero latency. it also allows you to pass your system sound to other applications on your Mac.


  • Volume control knob.
  • In & Out meters.
  • Peak meter.
  • Dim/Mute/Mono.
Ginger Audio - GroundControl Cube


We dont host any software files here. The download button will take you to the Ginger Audio website where you can download the software direct.

Download GroundControl Cube From Ginger Audio Website

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