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Sitala is a free drum plugin and standalone app. Sitala‘s beauty is simplicity. It‘s fast and musical. Six knobs. Sixteen pads. Drag and drop. Playable like instrument.

With automatic silence detection, playback starts where the sound actually starts, not at the beginning of the file. Individual hits are automatically detected and can be sliced out to a series of Sitala pads.

Use our built-in 808 kit or your own sounds. Each sample is analyzed for dynamics and pitch, which makes the controls more intuitive and musical.


  • Adjust the attack, length and sustain of your sounds while the overall volume remains constant.
  • Make your sounds punchier with more sustain. Automatic gain makeup maintains the overall volume while changing dynamics.
  • Pitch sounds up or down by up to one octave while showing you exactly where the current sound falls in the frequency spectrum.
  • Emphasizes the highs or lows in a sound. Accentuate or scoop the midrange to position the sound in the mix. Adapts based on the pitch content of each sound.
  • Adjust the sound’s overall volume and place it either to the left or right in the stereo
  • Free 808 Kit One of Berlin’s top producers sampled their 808 to create Sitala's default kit.
Decomposer - Sitala


We dont host any software files here. The download button will take you to the Decomposer website where you can download the software direct.

Download Sitala From Decomposer Website

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