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Apisonic Labs - Speedrum Lite

Speedrum Lite


Speedrum Lite is a "simple" drum - percussion MPC style sampler. It is designed to be easy to use and to have a fast workflow. It has everything essential you need to start making beats. Although not yet in the final version (a work in progress), it is quite stable for everyday use. If you find any bugs please report it so we can fix it!


  • Mpc style pads layout
  • Individual sample loading either by drag and drop or via pad’s context menu
  • Drag and drop multiple samples at once to auto-populate pads
  • Pads can be triggered by MIDI notes
  • Mute and Solo
  • Volume, Pan, Pitch
  • Low and High Pass filter
  • Volume modulation by Velocity
  • With VST parameters for modulation
  • Voice Mode: Mono or Poly
  • 8 "Cut" (choke) and "Cut By" groups
  • Pad can Trigger the other pad
  • Waveform view of loaded sample
  • Start and End of sample can be adjusted
  • AHD Envelope (Attack – Hold – Decay) for further tuning
  • Arrow buttons to cycle through all samples in the current folder
  • Every pad can be set to one of 16 available stereo outputs
  • Easy set outputs to 1 or 16 channels
  • Supported Saving and Loading drumkits
  • DrumKit can be saved with samples in subfolder for portability
  • Default sample directory
Apisonic Labs - Speedrum Lite


We dont host any software files here. The download button will take you to the Apisonic Labs website where you can download the software direct.

Download Speedrum Lite From Apisonic Labs Website

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