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Tags : | Hip Hop | 2.72 MB
Played : 2017-12-24 22:38:26 - 2 years ago

Description : Silverback gorillas with ecko jeans, hoodies and timbs mobbin' through the rainforest...I got the vocal sample from looperman, drums are all me and scratch from Reason...

Tags : | Ambient | 3.37 MB
Played : 2017-12-24 22:38:01 - 2 years ago

Description : Yet again an experimental track. Trying to find a sound that defines myself as a composer. This time I attempted an ambient backing track. Hope you guys can chill to this. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO COMMENT!!! A musician is never happy with his work, and more than half the time needs his listeners to analyse his work. Also, where possible, you might want to use headphones. One of the instruments sounds out of tune unless headphones are being used.

This track also marks the first time in which I've sampled an ambient noise (birds in the background). The inspiration to add these critters came from birds outside my friend's window, which my friend mistakedly thought was comming from the track. We had a laugh about it, and I realised that it'd actually flow pretty well with the track. Bit of fusing and fading, and I had a complete ambient track.

Thanks for reading all that jibber-jabber; now I hope you enjoy my latest experimental beat. Peace.

Tags : | Chill Out | 6.54 MB
Played : 2017-12-24 22:37:51 - 2 years ago

Description : A chilling epic. The beautiful rainforest. I fear may be destroyed little by little.

Tags : | Chill Out | 4.08 MB
Played : 2017-12-24 22:37:47 - 2 years ago

Description : Finished track. Hope you all enjoy, it might still has some work to be done on it, but I'm done working on this song for now until album release. Let me know your thoughts :)! My favorite thing about this song is the atmospheric feel about it. I used rainforest sound effects in the background, and there are occasional random bong rips, grinders and lighters too. The sound effects and background noises are not on a loop and random so the beat basically never sounds the same throughout the song.
ALSO I'm putting this under chillout for now but idk if it should be under that, hiphop or psychedelic...

Tracks 1 - 4 of 4