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Tags : | Heavy Metal | 9.26 MB

Description : This is the instrumental version of my next song, "The Voice." It's going to be about the voices that can sometimes scream inside my head when I get angry or upset. Anyway, the guitar and the bass are all me. For the drums, I put them together piece by piece from loops SintheticRecords made. Please leave feedback on the song and let me know if there's anything I should change about it or if you have any ideas for it.

Tags : | Heavy Metal | 3.98 MB

Description : Here's a post-hardcore track for you guys. I originally wrote this to describe a dream I had (in case you were wondering about the title), but when I recorded it I decided I didn't like the sound of it (yes I'm very picky when it comes to music). So feel free to use it however you want. And by the way I used a couple loops from here.

Tags : | Rock | 2.64 MB | Colab Request

Description : This is the instrumental version of the title track of my upcoming EP, the same EP that the last track I uploaded (Who I Am) will be on. For this one, I got the idea that maybe someone could make a kind of electro/dubstep remix of it. If someone here could make a good remix, I would include it in the EP and you would be credited for it. It's not something I'm like desperate for but if you have some spare time and are interested, give it a try. Let me know what happens. Thanks!

Tags : | Heavy Metal | 6.80 MB

Description : This is a track I made on my own. Completely different style than my usual stuff... I tried to make it have a more gothic/horror sound. I probably don't have much need for it because it was just for experimentation, so I guess you can feel free to use it however you want.

Tags : | Heavy Metal | 8.99 MB

Description : #2 on my solo EP. It went through a process of mixing and editing back and forth from Audacity and Reaper. I'm pretty happy with the results. Feedback please!

Tags : | Heavy Metal | 6.96 MB

Description : Probably my best track so far, not just because of the music itself but also the incredible mixing job I did using only Audacity and Reaper. It's going on the EP I'm making, and it represents my new sound. Feedback please!

Description : Another track on the EP. I'm very proud of this one. I can just imagine playing it at Warped Tour :P. Feedback please!

Description : You wouldn't believe the amount of effort I put into this one. A little over a week of recording, mixing, editing, re-recording, and re-editing, and I ended up with this legit track I call Equinox. The intro and verses were excruciatingly hard because their in 6/4 time and I've never done anything like that before. It will be on my upcoming LP and probably also a lead single. I may be interested in having a dubstep/techno remix made of it, so if anyone specializes in remixes let me know and I'll send you the stems. Also, feedback please!

Description : I decided to change something up. Instead of using my bigass Berhinger amp for my guitar, I hooked up a small Marshall pre-amp with the Berhinger to see if I could get a positively different sound. I did! So this here is my new and probably greatest song yet, recorded with a Marshall amp, processed in Audacity, and finally mixed in Reaper. AND I tried scream-singing during some parts of it and I think it came out pretty well. Let me know what you think! =)

Tags : | Heavy Metal | 2.92 MB

Description : This is the intro track for the LP I'm currently working on. Soundcloud link: https://soundcloud.com/jesse-oceans/submerge-the-intro

Description : First official single for the debut When Oceans Rise LP. I decided to give it an official 4th of July release date.

Description : This is basically Broken Anchors with vocals. You can stream it on YouTube here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kYL_mVp8OjY

Let me know what you guys think!

Description : My latest work, titled "The Storm," is soon to be officially released. Everything was recorded and mixed by me, and the track includes a vocal feature from my friend Xander Hamilton at 1:32. The track was mastered by Joshua Wickman of Dreadcore Productions.

This track will be re-recorded for the upcoming debut EP (to be released next year).

If you like what you hear, be sure to give When Oceans Rise a like on Facebook, and I'll keep you updated! https://www.facebook.com/whenoceansriseofficial/?pnref=lhc

Tags : | Heavy Metal | 8.68 MB

Description : I would say this is the best song I have ever made. I learned a lot about mixing and mastering over the summer, and applied my new knowledge to this song. I even added creative mixing (bass drops, sound effects) to make the song more interested. This is just the instrumental version of this song, and it is not yet mastered. I will add vocals, and master it, and then produce it and upload the full version. Any feedback or criticism would be greatly appreciated!

Tracks 1 - 14 of 14
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