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Tags : | Jazz | 16.00 MB | Mixcraft

Description : this is erm 7 mins long to be honest i could of went on and on i had so many loops of this guys anyway its different and i like it. so i came across a drum beat in thought oh i like this then went into the jazz section and came across this anyway thats how this came about. :)
Piano's N Sax thechockehold
Drums 1 Rasputin
Drums 2 n bass cyberflares
Horns 1 JoeFunktastic
Synth LoopEmUp

Tags : | Chill Out | 9.73 MB | Mixcraft

Description : The weird sound fx is actually each loop i put them onto the mixing decks and messed with them in a scratching way. Loops are from RLoops IT was a free pack so i made this tune and messed with the total sound of the loops. Another weird one not sure of genre.

Tags : | Chill Out | 8.42 MB | Mixcraft

Description : Both drums and bass are done by myself the rest is from free loop packs.

Description : Experimental By Cyberflares

Description : so this is my end of year tune and a expressive feeling i have about this past year that we as humanity have shared together and still are and hope a new dawn approaches soon.

Ok so drums i did all on computer
Bass i did with my 5 string bass
the rest are loops i manipulated to my taste free from ghosthack advent calendar and cymantics

Tags : | Chill Out | 9.54 MB | Mixcraft

Description : Happy new year Folks.....

Drums Xerceis dirtyheart Cyberflares
Bass Cyberflares
Guitar minor2go nofuk -0672759-0162730
Piano looperman-l-0672759-0229560-piano-86

FX Mixture of cyberflares & cymatics pack.

Tags : | Rock | 11.48 MB | Mixcraft

Description : Take 2 Instrumental Rockesk
Drums CyberSticks
Bass Smokey joe Cyber
Rhythm Guitar small part Cyber fandango
Lead Guitar after a very very long time Cyberfingers.
Fx and all the rest cyberflares
Special Looperman Guest as follows.
Guitar & Piano loop BowieB
Reversed piano abelouis

Tags : | Cinematic | 9.61 MB | Mixcraft

Description : started this some time back so thought i would try tidy it up a bit.

Ft abelouise and Nofuk
Rest by myself :)

Tags : | Blues | 14.14 MB | Mixcraft

Description : Noise to some yes i would agree to a degree but that more a learning curve if you listen really listen its more than noise. :)

CyberPuss broke out and played its cyberspacedblues if i had a pet genre it would be blues :)
so this would be noisy Psychedelic Blues baby.
enjoy or not

Tags : | Rock | 9.85 MB | Mixcraft

Description : 1xdrums done on computer sautéed with a nice garlic butter sauce.
1xbass real with minimal effects and extensions rare angus beef of the north east angus farm a fare treat seasonally peppered rare to blue.
Guitar x 5 loops garnished in a sweet chilli sauce rocket leafs sliced stringed carrot nuts and a tad of cream.
and for the final scattering of cybermanipu over it all to finish it off.Ftgarnish was nofuk yungdiamond littkatana GMBEATZ82

Description : Galactic Wars instrumental there is 2 versions of this this one and one with vocals that change the sound of the song and genre but i prefer this one.

Tags : | Chill Out | 9.65 MB | Mixcraft

Description : Back down to earth.
Ft paulmagnet Guitar loop
8keey Guitar loop
Prodcde Didgeridoo Loops
LenoxBeatmaker Guitar loop
Fanto8BC percussion
JWavyDrill hihat loop
psuede percussion, bells loop
4EVRSHX piano
agentjay drum loop
Rest done by cyberflares

Tags : | Indie | 9.84 MB | Mixcraft

Description : one of two which is becoming a pain nah this is my third attempt maybe more to come maybe not anyway created by me. enjoy if not the one above or below is a cracker ;)

Tags : | Rock | 9.34 MB | Mixcraft

Description : So i think this is slightly on the norm side for myself or as close as i am going to go take 4,5 6,

enjoy :)

Tags : | Rock | 10.32 MB | Featured | Mixcraft

Description : hope you like this one took me ages to do lol

this is a mixture of man and machine.

Tracks 1 - 15 of 15
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