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Description : Is the ninth part of a collection entitled The Northern King's court. electroacoustic music, albums with music describes the private life of the king and the events taking place in the northern courtyard of the palace.

Description : The 13th century AD The second part of the 14 songs of my album entitled "The North Courtyard of the King". The private north courtyard of the castle, open only to those who allowed the king evolve well the various events and not only that the king knows.
This is music history from TheNorth Courtyard of the King.
A mix of pop and rock elements with some classic TINT for strings, woodwinds and some electronic elements compose the songs of the album. I hope to be lenient in your reviews, as it is my first "complete" job.

Tags : | Pop | 3.69 MB | Colab Request

Description : My first tentative to make music with Cubase. This songs is one from my album ANTITHESIS, pop rock and some funky elementes. The voices got ready from Soundpool Also I'm not sure what genre to classify
Good listening.

Tags : | Pop | 4.40 MB | Colab Request

Description : Album: BeatJazz 2014.
Waiting for the bus to a stop in Italy SAN REMO, looking at a girl "super girl" who waited on the opposite attitude and thought a cool piece of dedicate. And dedicate it to all the SUPER GIRL on this site!
Good listening

Description : "To the land of hope",
Dedicate to forced migration of entire peoples in Africa.

Description : Before about a year ago, a good friend of mine, well known director began making a short film for the construction phase of ELT (European Extremely Large Telescope) in Chile from ESO. Then we discussed some ideas for the soundtrack. Eventually this track I will be part of the soundtrack of the film!

Description : For this song,using two tracks from the Looperman Artist, the amazing vocals "New Breed of Gangster" from D33C33 and the beautifull piano Quality Jasmine by MINOR2GO. I tried to put music in an environment similar to the title of the song and this is the result.
Good hearing.

Description : a song from my collection that now works, URBAN STORIES. Good listening
Made in Cubase
I would tell you Pop Dark was the kind of music to classify

Description : My heart gently weeps .. the lyrics and the voice is the JerseyChristopher, put them in a composition that I think would fit and a song. Good hearing my friends.
From the album URBAN STORY
SPECIALY THANKS JerseyChristopher for Amazing interpretation of vocal

Tags : | Ambient | 3.86 MB

Description : Hello. A song from my collection URBAN STORIES 2014.
Headset and relaxing with a little dose of Jazz, Funky and loneliness of big cities.
Good hearing.

Description : Track from the collection URBAN STORIES.
I would like to find a voice and lyrics for the song. Maybe a friend could try.

Urban Stories.My new collection with songs which reflect everyday life in a big city. Anxiety, distress, poverty and riches, entertainment and crime, and job abandonment, love and hate, love and sex ... all those experienced by residents of a big city.

Description : when you showed me the Brooklyn Bridge and people to slip on the icy road .. I know, the headline is big enough, but this just came to my mind, a book of Kerouac that I had in my hands, when I was looking on this bridge .
It's nothing special.
A fragment was looking the city and its people as an observer outside of it. Maybe fix it better and put it in my album URBAN STORIES blinds.

Tags : | House | 2.81 MB | Colab Request

Description : Global Underground Mixed, is a test piece with almost new console Mackie ONYX 1640i RECORDING MIXER (DAW) 16 channel console with 16x16 firewire routing, fully compatible with DAWs (ProTools 9, ProTools M-powered 8, Logic, Sonar, Cubase etc. ).
I got our little home studio. Very good for our small productions since it covers all the necessary audio channels and is compatible with most known programs production and editing sounds. I did the editing in Izotope Ozone 5 and the end result sounds pretty good. Good hearing.

Tags : | Weird | 4.06 MB | Colab Request

Description : A piece that is part of my collection URBAN STORIES, is atmospheric DARK Groovy, as is the title. Many percussion, ambient and dark environment matches the title I think. The guitar is in the background along with the sax sounds bit recording in a single room, also needed a bit of noise. The synth is the workhorse in effects and some voices I had to loop.
Good hearing.

Description : Generally I have no relation with music Hip Hop, I respect it as a genre because it has its own history, but not a pleasant listen, like other types of music. Listening random but the voice of Charlie Rose,
I feet this dynamic and protest this music in relation to the other modern. My English sucks, almost as much as the translator of GOOGLE, so I can not understand the lyrics of Charlie, but the power and passion gave me a nudge to put one of music that makes you feel the emotion of this rage attack or destiny.
Simple music, made in REAPER and processed in the SEQUOIA 12.
good listening and forgive me my friend Charlie if she does not like the setting to music.
This is the more cool version.
Good listening.

Description : A musical journey to highway of the elusive dream of everyone, through electronic sounds, rock and jazz music

Description : Requiem for Gaza children
The wonderful vocals on "Archangels" from friend's FutureAnalysis
and listening to the news about the innocent childrens souls every day lost in an irrational world of adult, I built this sad track.
The children's souls, have no homeland, color or nationality. Palestinians, Israelis, Syrians or Ukrainians, all are children who will not see tomorrow.
The drums and the sub bass made by ALESIS MD10, strings with the Yamaha P155 stage piano and guitar played in the studio my good friend Monta Stefano from the Italy.
All fx from the Yamaha MOTIF XS that I have in my little studio.

Description : The silence of France and Delma.
The music track I heard first time acapella by excellent members Hektor Thillet Looperman. His voice surprised me, but also the story of the piece that has a voice like the eleganza of Hektor Thillet.
So I tried to create a soundtrack to match, but I think at least I in voice, lyrics and the story of the song.
Flute, guitar and saxophone synth and organ, filled the vocals and drums keep the rythm in order to turn the remaining instruments among the words and the music.
Good listening!

Tags : | Rock | 6.72 MB | Colab Request

Description : The drunken rock at a French cabaret
Rock, Jazz, and much drink, somewhere in Paris! Inspired by a real event in France..
Good listening!

Tags : | Rock | 4.35 MB | Colab Request

Description : Trains over my head.
One more song from the collection in progress, URBAN STORIES. T he heroe in this my progect,, allegorically, carries the noise and tumult of the trains that pass on airlift bridges of large cities, in his personal life.
Confused, frustrated, and so are noises filled the mind of my hero and somewhat so I thought I'd sound if I did music, on his head.
Good listening.

Tags : | Blues | 5.32 MB | Colab Request

Description : Old loves go to heaven!
So we all feel our old loves us especially when we went away. Or hope you have gone to heaven!
Good hearing.
The track is still in development phase and therefore should apologize not allow downloading.

Tags : | Blues | 5.29 MB | Colab Request

Description : When you sit next to Rocky Rogers to play music, is not a joke!
well set a pre-recorder in live from our rehearsals for the performances of October!
Rocky Rogers. All instruments are live in outer space and that the sound is not good.
Specialy thank you my good friend Rocky Rogers who lent me the track "Impression" a fantastic blues, that only the Rocky knows to create.
Our implementation is currently under consideration and fumbling, how do sounds in our own way, without losing anything from the beauty of the song Rocky Rogers.
Good listening my friends!!

Description : The piece that is part of my work record URBAN STORIES. Yet they are in pre recorder and everything is in progress. So your help and comments are the best advisers to come out in the end something good.
The title refers to people having weak or sensitive souls, lost, failing, you don't know where they are and just like the insects that gather in the evening in the hot lights and carry around it so these people, turning around their weakness. Whatever that may be. The light is what you want but lots of rest at the end and die.
Good listening. I particularly appreciate your comments.

Description : If there was no Tomorow.
Another track from my collection URBAN STORIES.
the same musical style with an image of life in big cities dark. Here I tried to give a sense of optimism, a note of release from the everyday things of concern to people who live in these cities, only a feeling, a moment, an evening perhaps, but with the melancholic tone in the depth of reality.
Good hearing my dear friends.

Tags : | Rock | 4.50 MB | Colab Request

Description : Improvisation in Rock.
Drums, Bass, Guitar, Sax and Organ.
Simple improvisation in studio.
Good listening

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