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Lucas Fenton
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Played : 2020-11-05 18:17:43 - 13 months ago

Description : Again, I made several promise to release a full afro album, but some reason I never go around it.

I have been blessed to work some international artists such as boni faas, yemaya, in the past couple months. And I got some exciting project coming u....this is just a limited sampler

Tags : | Chill Out | 3.76 MB
Played : 2020-06-07 02:13:44 - 18 months ago

Description : No description

Played : 2020-06-07 02:13:41 - 18 months ago

Description : Beat making practice free for anyone to use. It's not a club banger or anything like that. I did it more for the piano practice than anything. If you use it, let me know!

BPM: 100
Key of Dm.

Played : 2020-06-07 02:10:11 - 18 months ago

Description : Beat by: LilAtikin
Lyrics by: K1clean aka K-Rich

Deep poetry in rap form, 100% written. Had a good time with this. Beat was not long enough for me, had hard time fitting what I'd like to say where it should fit. About as much work as I'm willing to do, without green light from the producer. Creative process is fun, recording and editing is work. If you're willing to produce it, I am willing to finish it. Same week, or its on to the next one.

Played : 2020-06-07 02:10:07 - 18 months ago

Description : TheFemiFactor - Last Summer Remix ft Anna Gray (Prod. By Ocean Beats))

Partly inspired by some of my fellow artists whose jobs were impacted by this whole COVID-19 thing. I decided to release my first EP and 110% of the profits will be donated to Feeding America's COVID-19 Response Fund.
Link is in my profile.
Search for 'TheFemiFactor Feels Like Summer' on YouTube, Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music or wherever else you listen to music.

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