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Played : 2019-05-23 04:10:38 - 2 years ago

Description : This one was long overdue for an update. Vocals by myself and the lovely Bosh Bonesy (Sugar skeleton psycho) from one of our old jam sessions.

Tags : | Pop | 5.98 MB | FL Studio
Played : 2019-05-23 04:10:09 - 2 years ago

Description : Sometimes i forget that i'm not a pro-musician, not involved in some market logic. Sometimes i forget that my job is foundry worker. But i never forget that i got a soul,i am human. As human, i need to bring out my feelings, and that is easier for me when I make music. Something in lyrics and Baby's performance touched me deeply. Just turn your lighter on, wave it and enjoy.

Played : 2019-05-23 04:09:05 - 2 years ago

Description : Produced by Jakesand x Erl
much love to the homie
Im testing out the release of this track on here before more public sites
It's roughly 2 months old in this state and havent revisted it as ive been otherwise busy. Trying to wrap up a lot of projects right now and would love some feedback to aid in the process
Much love to everyone showing support and appreciation and much more importantly - feedback
thank you for your time
hope you enjoy

Played : 2019-05-23 01:33:46 - 2 years ago

Description : Original
Namo Tassa

(A Thai Dream)

Played : 2019-05-23 01:32:50 - 2 years ago

Description : Lil July on SoundCloud

Played : 2019-05-23 01:32:13 - 2 years ago

Description : .
Record Name: Grand Theft Auto
Type: Hype/Lyrical
Writer/Rapper/Engineer: 4M@
Producer: Broke Boi

Stay original and keep improving ~ 4M@

Tags : | Ambient | 8.04 MB | Logic Pro
Played : 2019-05-23 01:30:25 - 2 years ago

Description : Guys, I've made this track seven years ago.
I hope you enjoy it if you do then please leave me a comment.

Tracks 1 - 7 of 7
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