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Tags : | Cinematic | 3.10 MB
Played : 2019-03-24 20:29:27 - 19 months ago

Description : As in the forum thread....do you ever stumble upon old work or compositions of yours? Cause this is one of those tracks, I mean it ain't even a real track but still it emphasizes the fact that simple can be powerfull.

Now for the story...this track has got some years, about 5 or so, it was only a playaround with new toys kind of thing, took about 30 minutes to create (out of which 15 where used to find sounds), and I left it there in the studio. Someone accidentally printed this to tape and I just found it today on an old GP9 tape. Somehow those last minutes on that tape never got recorded :))

Anyways...turn up your volume cause this isn't really loud.


Tags : | Rock | 8.59 MB | Pro Tools
Played : 2019-03-24 20:29:19 - 19 months ago

Description : This is a COVER, the guys did a great job with the cover, you can find bellow the credits for production and vocals. Keep in mind the files went online somewhere in 2015-2016 so it has been a while. Plenty of versions on soundcloud and youtube.
Production - Guitars, Bass, Drums by: Doug Onstott
Vocals: DJ Bean links to their profiles are not allowed but I can provide them

Tags : | Deep House | 6.25 MB
Played : 2019-01-22 20:58:38 - 21 months ago

Description : Smooth deephouse to the afterhours from Hungary. pls review :)
thanks! enjoy!

Played : 2019-01-20 15:06:53 - 21 months ago

Description : Follow @dmane on Bandlab

Played : 2019-01-18 20:32:25 - 21 months ago

Description : it sounds like ski mask the slump god type. im not loking for a collab, but its fine if you want to use it.

Played : 2019-01-18 20:32:06 - 21 months ago

Description : It been litterally YEARS since i've actually recorded anything that i've written ... I appoligize for the shitty vocals i just felt like i should showcase something other than my old tracks from 2007 something more today so today i decided FUCK IT i might not have a studio or a mic thats worth a shit for that matter but im droppin something reguardless so here it is -SCUMBAG- dec,16 2k18

Tags : | Pop | 5.97 MB
Played : 2019-01-18 13:15:24 - 21 months ago

Description : Was trying out my new Fender electric guitar that was so generously given to me as a Christmas present from my oldest brother, and instantly fell in love with the tone! So much so that it inspired an entire night's worth of music. Instruments at work: Drums, Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar (x3), Acoustic Guitar, Pad, Tambourine. The bass is real this time (played by yours truly, pardon my amateur bass skills)!I hope you enjoy!

Tags : | Hip Hop | 8.96 MB
Played : 2019-01-18 13:05:00 - 21 months ago

Description : Emotional Hip Hop Beat.
Comment to download.
Only for non-commercial use!

(c) Minor2Go Music

Tags : | Classical | 3.58 MB
Played : 2019-01-18 13:04:55 - 21 months ago

Description : Self composed.
Martin Minor - Organ Sonata - Quod deus bene vertat

Tracks 1 - 9 of 9
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