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Played : 2019-01-04 07:34:31 - 2 years ago

Description : acapella was taken from soundcloud.com/searzofficial

Played : 2019-01-03 09:04:30 - 2 years ago

Description : email me if u use this beat. Insta @prod.sicario

Tags : | Rap | 5.10 MB | FL Studio
Played : 2019-01-03 09:03:57 - 2 years ago

Description : Show some love on my soundcloud linked in my profile!

Tags : | Pop | 4.94 MB
Played : 2019-01-03 09:03:35 - 2 years ago

Description : This is a Post-Christmas Track we released after Christmas this past year; of which 100 percent of sales proceeds will benefit an organization that fights hunger. Each sale of this track will provide three hot meals to an individual in need. If you are so inclined, head over to CDbaby and help us in our fight against hunger.

Played : 2018-11-15 13:29:47 - 3 years ago

Description : genre:Dubstep
Dedicated to all those 'i need a rapper crapper big Ego producers' who are infesting the looperman forums. Poisoning the forums with posts like 'listen to my shit and look how good i am!" Hey man I am Awesome i need a rapper to kill my beat!!` I Have one message for you!!! FUCK YOU!!! making a simple beat without any arrangements that sounds like a loop doesnt qualify you as a 'super producer yet!

Sync Diversity Records

Played : 2018-10-23 16:52:09 - 3 years ago

Description : Well, I came acrossed this beat from J1K called 2am. And well, I did my best. Tell me what you think. I mastered and edited this as best as I could. I hope everyone enjoys. This is the re edited version, I re recorded the chorus to give it a better flow. Thank you everyone for the support. I feel like I'm improving everyday. This song is Mastered.

Tracks 1 - 6 of 6
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