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Tags : | Acoustic | 5.62 MB | Cubase
Played : 2018-10-10 14:24:52 - 2 years ago

Description : A track I did with a friend ages ago. I play the guitar and he sang and wrote the lyrics. The lyrics came mostly from headlines in the newspaper that sunday. Recorded using a crappy old microphone direct into cubase with a few overdubs

Tags : | Electronic | 5.26 MB | Cubase
Played : 2018-10-10 14:23:50 - 2 years ago

Description : This one came about after looping the female Mmmm vocal. Again this one was done a long time ago. Recorded in cubase

Tags : | Electronic | 10.95 MB
Played : 2018-10-07 11:19:18 - 2 years ago

Description : Here's an original track I made which features different vst's I've found within the interwebs. Very chill, yet hard hitting. I'd say this track is Chillout/Electronic.

Tags : | Trap | 2.93 MB
Played : 2018-10-07 11:18:41 - 2 years ago

anyway: hey guys c:
Some new Stuff from me.
I didn't know wich genre I should pick, because I tried to do this Dubstep Part but it still sounds pretty trappy, so I chose Trap.

Feedback would be absolutely cool and if you want any of these Sounds, I'll load them up. (Just tell me in the comments).

Uhm, yeah, enjoy c:

Tags : | Trap | 3.73 MB
Played : 2018-10-07 11:17:47 - 2 years ago

Description : Merry christmas and a happy new year guys! I put together a nice trap beat for you to enjoy so feel free to download! I would like to see some people spit some bars on this as well so download and comment with a link to your track. Shoutout to ebcott3, gman15 and theillgorilla for the loops!

Played : 2018-10-07 11:17:27 - 2 years ago

Description : Track that me and my bro produced last summer, sent off to our boys in ATL, And a anthem was made, apprecaite any/all feedback.This track is also available on spotify so if you liked it be sure to go add to your library :)

Tags : | Trap | 2.37 MB
Played : 2018-10-07 11:17:03 - 2 years ago

Description : First of - I know there is no real Intro and it's completely crappy, BUT I love the main part and I was way to lazy to go on with this Sh*t. (Actually I just did this because THIZ GUY (https://www.looperman.com/loops?mid=Aoosterling) MADE AN AMAZING LOOP SO I DECIDED TO CREATE AN AMAZING DRUM.) Sorry, Got a little overhyped there. Allright, Enjoy this piece of Sh*t if you can! it's a challenge! WOOOOOH
(Im sorry i was bored)

Played : 2018-10-07 11:16:43 - 2 years ago

Description : I am searching for someone that would like to Collab with me, to finish this beat. If you want to work together with me, just DM me and we can work something out.

Tags : | Trap | 4.98 MB | Colab Request
Played : 2018-08-12 20:16:25 - 2 years ago

Description : Tried some new tricks with my new keyboard and I thought I'd share it with you guys.
In constant need of someone spitting some fire on my beats. If you do so, I'd love to hear it. Peace out

Tags : | Hip Hop | 2.33 MB
Played : 2018-08-12 20:16:02 - 2 years ago

Description : Short preview of a soundtrack I'm doing for a short film. Give thoughts :D

Tags : | Hip Hop | 6.04 MB
Played : 2018-07-02 14:47:32 - 2 years ago

Description : Produced by Content of Retro Crush

Hey checkout this beat and tell us over at Retro Crush, how you liked it . Made this beat on some spaced out post-rnb wave type feels. Contact us for more detail!!!

Tags : | Trap | 5.40 MB
Played : 2018-07-02 14:46:27 - 2 years ago

Description : Ambient, chill, futuristic, trap beat produced by Vibez of Retro Crush. This is a FREE rough mix. For final mixes, collabs, or beat inquires, contact us at our email. Thank you so much for the love.

Tags : | Trap | 4.79 MB
Played : 2018-07-02 14:46:16 - 2 years ago

Description : One of my favorite compositions/instrumentals. This beat is in the style of Travis Scott - AstroWorld. Please head to our bio for more information/beats! Thank you for being apart of the Retro Crush Family.

Played : 2018-07-02 14:46:06 - 2 years ago

Description : Hit me up for work!

Tags : | Hip Hop | 5.78 MB
Played : 2018-07-02 14:45:48 - 2 years ago

Description : Produced By Content C

This beat is in the style of Playboi Carti, Juice Wrld and Lil Skies. Please head to our bio for more information/beats! Thank you for being apart of the Retro Crush Family. LEASE IS REQUIRED FOR USE!

Tags : | Trap | 2.20 MB
Played : 2018-05-17 17:09:00 - 2 years ago

Description : Orchestral Trap beat I made, enjoy this one.

Tags : | Electronic | 11.32 MB
Played : 2018-05-17 17:08:58 - 2 years ago

Description : A track I remixed for my friend.
First time I tried this genre. I don't even know what it's called.
Goa or Psytrance probably?
Let me know.

Tags : | Trap | 7.12 MB
Played : 2018-05-17 17:08:48 - 2 years ago

Description : A glitch-hop type trap beat, hope you enjoy!

Tags : | Rock | 4.34 MB | Featured
Played : 2018-05-17 17:08:44 - 2 years ago

Description : Having fun singing one of my favorite songs of all time.
(When The Smoke Is Going Down) By The Scorpions
Thanks for taking the time to listen to it. =)

Tags : | Electronic | 11.48 MB
Played : 2018-05-17 17:08:38 - 2 years ago

Description : In a time (2013) in which i was so blue because of a broken heart, i found NateMonoxide acapella, he sung about my feelings. Of course i have to express my sadness in music, to give relief to my heart and soul. Enjoy.

Tags : | Electronic | 3.81 MB
Played : 2018-05-17 17:08:28 - 2 years ago

Description : Just like the first EP "OGOU", this production focuses on organic elements with drum samples.It contains modern sounds such electronic down-tempo, future bass,and hip-hop, which makes the music sound old and new at the same time. With heavy sampling of African chants and sound generated from other tribes, this is production will bring more flavor and enjoyment--it's like Africa to your Ears.

Tags : | Rock | 8.21 MB
Played : 2018-05-17 17:08:24 - 2 years ago

Description : Here is a new rock track that I recently wrote. I sang and played all the instruments. Drums are from EZ Drummer, everything else was played live. If you like the track feel free to download it. Thanks Kyle!

Tags : | Hip Hop | 7.78 MB | Has Lyrics
Played : 2017-08-23 14:43:41 - 3 years ago

Description : A fusion of hip hop and Hindi music and vocals. My second hip hop track made using Beatz Maker Evolution.

Vocals by Shify Fellow.

Look forward to feedback, its meant to be a song that makes you think. There is a lot of wrong and suffering in the world and the song is representing just a little of that.


Tags : | Hip Hop | 7.84 MB | Has Lyrics
Played : 2017-08-23 14:43:32 - 3 years ago

Description : The song features top vocals from Looperman member Braindedmusic.

The song is about how this guy is fed up, feeling down and tired of the city, with a contrasting uplifting chorus.

It has a really catchy flute melody as the main looped sample.

I added a variation of the main flute beat to climax upto the chorus and then changed to the second flute sample.

This is the final mastered version!!

Be a true looperfan and support a fellow looperman! Buy the song online here:

Copyright 2012 RAFZTAR (RAF System, UK)

Tags : | Dance | 1.29 MB
Played : 2017-08-09 11:37:39 - 3 years ago

Description : I created my own Kontakt 5.6 Sub Bass library and here is an example of what can be done with it. The Link to my website is on my profile and I have a free version online to try out. IRMG Audio DOT Com

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