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Played : 2024-01-31 07:29:08 - 4 months ago

Description : New mix. Thanks for support. Maff.

Tags : | Ambient | 4.32 MB
Played : 2024-01-31 07:29:04 - 4 months ago

Description : an invitation for you to let your feelings flow.

here in Looperman there are great composers as "VickyDan, freeradical, staticnomad, Danke, Orland51, Decibel, among other talented this site. (many for sure, I do not remember all the names)
And another great composer "Mstokes"
These days, I was wondering: "Where is this guy?"
this guy brought beautiful compositions.
I do not know if only I who ask the question, but I wanted to leave a message for all composers of this site.
never cease to create music and share your work.

Played : 2024-01-31 07:29:01 - 4 months ago

Description : Another XmafaX track!
I like this :)
Need vocals collaboration

Tags : | Electro | 1.68 MB
Played : 2024-01-31 07:28:58 - 4 months ago

Description : Hey, I have successfully Found a name! Well i am evade. Haha, this is my new track, Getting There. I hope you realize it is not even close to being finished. Its gonna be a while...

Tags : | Trance | 9.66 MB
Played : 2024-01-31 07:28:46 - 4 months ago

Description : Made this for a special friend of mine,funky chillout trance vibes,electrobeats and guitars in ambient atmosphere, maybe there is something to say than leave a comment,no live instruments,hope you enjoy,DRO

Tags : | Dubstep | 7.85 MB | Has Lyrics
Played : 2024-01-31 07:28:33 - 4 months ago

Description : Ok, this is my 5th Dubstep, adn I think this is my best song I've ever made. Mix of melodic trancy dubstep with brutal Skrillex style. Feel free to comment, I really wanna know what you guys think!
*** You can reupload this on your soundcloud or youtube channel (for promotion), but you can't say you made it. If you reupload, please notice me about that :) ***


Tags : | Trance | 7.22 MB
Played : 2024-01-31 07:28:23 - 4 months ago

Description : Again a classic uplifting Trance track, thanx for listening!

Played : 2024-01-31 07:28:18 - 4 months ago

Description : This is a song off of my new mixtape coming out shortly. Looking for an emcee to hop on this, spit about real deep stuff. The beat is by psalter. Hmu on if youre interested in hopping on this. Be sure to link your work. I will contact you if interested thank you.

Tags : | Fusion | 4.92 MB
Played : 2024-01-31 07:28:06 - 4 months ago

Description : An interesting track I made. Very different from my others. This features only guitars (electric and acoustic) as well as bass, with percussions. Also have live piano and guitars from my keyboard in certain spots. Has a bit of a hiphop mixed with a tad bit of rock. What do you all think?

Tags : | Folk | 4.13 MB
Played : 2024-01-31 07:28:01 - 4 months ago

Description : What happens when a short but hypnotic celtic intro turns into something completely different? The most noteworthy collaborator on this track (yeah you guessed, it's Tumbleweed) answered correctly to this question! A newly patented musical genre is what happens...yes..."SlovenianCelticCowboyMusic" is born. Sometimes we just have to cut off from being too serious...The version presented here has been carefully chosen from 4856 or so mixes...
As always all thanks to my dear friend Ed who makes such wonders possible to happen.....

Tags : | Dubstep | 3.88 MB
Played : 2024-01-31 07:27:55 - 4 months ago

Description : This is my Christmas contribution. It is a fusion of all different genres but is mostly dubstep. Hope you enjoy.

Tags : | Ambient | 4.58 MB
Played : 2024-01-31 07:27:15 - 4 months ago

Description : Headphones are recommended for a more immersive experience :P - - - A weary American soldier is walking through the remains of what used to be a small town in the middle east, only to rediscover the horrible reality that sometimes war can affect even the ones who have no part in it.


This is my first attempt at creating a virtual environment to tell a story and convey emotion. Hope you enjoy! Comments are welcome!

- ER

Tags : | Folk | 5.26 MB | Has Lyrics
Played : 2024-01-31 07:27:12 - 4 months ago

Description : I had a lot of fun recording my last folk song, so I thought I'd take a stab at recording another one. This time I limited myself to 2 for all my vocals and instruments (guitar, piano, ukulele and organ). Enjoy the song and leave a comment letting me know your thoughts :)

Tags : | Fusion | 8.18 MB
Played : 2024-01-31 07:27:00 - 4 months ago

Description : Real acoustic, electric and bass guitars played by me. Drums are loops and programmed MIDI. Played piano and synths. Lots of layers and delay. A gated moog, organ, my recorded finger-snaps and a reversed bass guitar effect that sounds like throat-singing. Three movements, divided by moments of calm. Thoughts and feedback are welcome.

Tags : | Acoustic | 4.49 MB
Played : 2024-01-31 07:26:20 - 4 months ago

Description : Just an acoustic/piano piece I threw together a few nights ago when coming home from university. My brother and I were doing some acoustic music together in my room, just having fun; came out with this; I immediately got on my DAW and recorded it before I forgot how ti went lol. Hoping to get some strings on it soon as well as some vocals from the bro! :P In the meantime, enjoy this instrumental.

Tags : | Acoustic | 5.16 MB
Played : 2024-01-31 07:26:17 - 4 months ago

Description : An original written, recorded, mixed, and mastered by me! It's a kind of dark, slightly haunting piece inspired by past relationships and experiences. Part of an (mostly) acoustic EP that I've been working on! Also find it on soundcloud or check me out on facebook! Thanks!

Tags : | Acoustic | 7.94 MB | Has Lyrics
Played : 2024-01-31 07:26:17 - 4 months ago

Description : As I'm currently transitioning to Pro Tools 12 (I gave my old rig to a friend in need of it), I decided to return to my roots and write some original songs without any electronic stuff involved. This was the result. Pardon the bad quality, my laptop mic is garbage :P I do hope to get this and others on ASCAP soon and write songs that could possibly be picked up by some of the bigger players in the game. My voice isn't on point due to allergies so this is why I don't like spring anymore :P Cheers!

Tags : | Acoustic | 5.75 MB
Played : 2024-01-31 07:25:55 - 4 months ago

Description : Here is a relaxing song I made using my keyboard. It's soothing and simple to hear. It consists of nothing but a live Jazz Guitar. Enjoy~

Tags : | Rap | 3.62 MB | Colab Request
Played : 2024-01-31 07:25:53 - 4 months ago

Description : Im Working On A song To this im looking to collab with a Male Singer On This One Ima Rap On It I need a singer To do The Hook And A verse If your Interested get At me

Played : 2024-01-31 07:25:24 - 4 months ago

Description : This is my new track. Hope you guys like it. Please make a comment and telll me what you think. This song is available for remix.

Tags : | Trance | 8.74 MB | Featured
Played : 2024-01-31 07:25:19 - 4 months ago

Description : uplifting trace

Played : 2024-01-31 07:24:46 - 4 months ago

Description : Stepping out of my peaceful comfort zone to give you all a little bit of my darker side :P enjoy!!! Also I don't really know what genre to put this in so I'm just going to put in in the dub step section ,you can figure that out on your own . It has a bit of Dnb/trap-step type of feel.

Tags : | Pop | 3.19 MB
Played : 2024-01-31 07:24:40 - 4 months ago

Description : Here is another house/pop track. This one was made for a collab with another artist but, decided to make a different beat, since this isn't quite what he wanted. If you would like to collab on this, leave a message below or send an email to . Thanks for stopping by and take care!

Played : 2024-01-31 07:24:35 - 4 months ago

Description : Here's a remix I did of one of my tracks. "Money On My Mind"..It has a more hard hittin in your face beat ....Let me hear your reviews on this 1..Y'all have a good n'

Peace !!

Tags : | Pop | 4.05 MB | Colab Request
Played : 2024-01-31 07:24:19 - 4 months ago

Description : This track is a track that I want people to move to and thats the reason I created it. It is definitely poppy which was what i was going for. I wanna branch out into different genres. Anyone wanna suggest a edm type genre for me to do a song in that i havent done yet? This track took me a little while , I didnt get to check the levels of the mix down in my truck so hopefully the bass levels arent crazy. With the crappy monitors I have its very hard to mixdown stuff and get everything uniform-ish. I am looking for vocals if anyone wants to give it a go. The key is in B.

Tracks 1 - 25 of 1000