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Tags : | Dubstep | 3.73 MB
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Description : This is my absolute best Dubstep joint I have done! I used about 10 different massives and it took hrs to put this all together. Ha ha and I hate Valley Girls , so once ya listen to this u will see why. I dont talk like that at all I tried , but u can tell that's not how I speak lol, but its funny and this song is a banger wooooooo! Oh and I was inspired to do this cause my friend BlumeChoon and I were dicussing dubstep music that has mainstream artist such as Brittney spears, and other poppy whiney crap. We like to keep our stuff underground and grimey.!

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Description : EDIT: Brought up the vocals to match the beat now featuring scratching by DJ HIghFacts. ORIG TEXT: Ok, so I heard a rock track on here by BrianMaiden407 and asked him if I could work on a remix. I've cut some guitar and piano up from his song and added a bunch of other stuff to it. The vocals are Niles and Final Outlaw, I was sent the accapella after our last track together went really well. I've been waiting to make a song that fits and I think this one is it. It's almost 4 in the morning in the UK right now, I've been working on this for the last couple of hours as I can't sleep. It's just a preview, but I'm pretty sure it's worth posting, even in it's current state. Also the voice you'll hear at the start of the song is one of my Japanese friends Hikari.

So yeah, here's the preview, it's only 2 hours in and I"m working on headphones. So I don't know what it will sound like when you blast it out of your speakers on the other side of the planet. Hope you enjoy it.

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Description : THE CHORUS IS A FREESTYLE, DONT HATE ME FOR IT! : )This is one of my first attempts at MCing, the lyrics are good but some of the delivery is cringeworthy now I listen back to it. But the beat is fresh, I might have to redo the vocals. Let me know what you think. Thanks.

Also worth noting that the chorus was a freestyle and is SHOCKING!!! : )

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Description : kill -9 $hoochie

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