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Description : This is the completed song that I previously uploaded, which you can find here:

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My older brother does lead vocals, I do all instrumentation and backup vocals, except for the solo guitar parts, which the oldest brother did. Recorded with Pro Tools 12 by yours truly. Comments welcome! LYRICS PROVIDED!

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Description : This site needs a Hardstyle genre, I think.. Anyways, words written and sung by yours truly. I was hired by Los Angeles DJ Lady Faith and produced by Andrew Bullett, an excellent audio engineer with a ton of talent and skill. I know nothing about this genre but it was said that my voice seemed to match the genre so I gave it a shot. This song was designed for being performed at EDM events and other things; I cropped out the intro and outro parts and this is also still a WIP.

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Description : This is my attempt at the one-hour challenge for LM (finished at 57 min 48 sec). I had to mix/master on the go and this was the result. Some bad chords here and there that I did my best to conceal, one-takes on guitar and piano and used an awesome acapella from a1000times, who wrote the words that Dikaiko sang over. I really like her voice. Anyhoo yea, I like this one a lot so probably gonna come back to this in the near future. Comments welcome.

I got the acapella here:

EDIT: This track has been updated. I think I'm going to call it finished :)

Tracks 1 - 3 of 3