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Description : Hi guys!

I'm creating this new music and I'm looking for a singer/songwriter for a ft. This audio is raw, without mixing or editing.

It's completely unfinished, with just a sample of part A where I think about writing lyrics in hip hop, and part B singing lyrically.

If you are interested in forming this partnership,
Get in touch on my Instagram, access my profile by double clicking on my photo.

For the rest of you who will just listen, I hope you like how the idea is being created.

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Description : Jazzy Fusion tune. Working on new changes and solo ideas. Enjoy the listen. If you're able, please leave comments. I'd love to know what you think. UE

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Description : BPM 130

My friend listened to this beat during a panic and he fantasized about a zombie circus)

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Description : Probably the most dope shit I have ever made with a single loop. I love MF Doom (RIP) and always wanted to make something like this with cartoon samples that I love, so here is my attempt.

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