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Description : I finished a Big beat Mix of Spivkurl's "anti"
here's the original This is take one, Critisism NEEDED!!!
Thx for listening.

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Description : This one is quick and powerful bigbeat with the usual twist on things, check it out!

Tags : | Hip Hop | 3.94 MB
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Description : One of my favorite beats!!! alot of heart in this one!!! Enjoy


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Description : This is probably the best song I've ever made, techno-wise. The ending was made with Pachelbel's Canon in mind (starts with one instrument, then builds into a climax and ends the same way it started), and I feel I've done an excellent job with it. Let me know what you guys think!

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Description : CSJ "Beginning's" from album "Hidden" Circa 2004

Tags : | Hardcore | 3.17 MB
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Description : Energetic fast paced hardcore BANGER!! -TURN IT UP!!

In the first section i fooled around with some synths and recorded some ethnic sounding loops. I then threw in some more ethnic sounding beats, and cut out my own hardcore kick. To make things more intresting i added in a soft sine lead with an eastern scale melody.
After that, i was inspired to do a nice uplifting section, by none other than the game 'punch-out' on NES (listen you will hear a small resemblance).
Then i thought i would keep that going for a while and to finish it off i added in a pitch bend bass beat which i made with pitch automation in Protools. Thanks to looperman for the 'Take Control' vocal sample!
I hope you like it!!!


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Description : A quick Mock up of A breakcore song. This was supposed to split your head in two, but instead it made music. Whatever...

Tags : | Fusion | 3.44 MB
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Description : Again, I am never sure in which genre to class my tracks. This is more of a pop tune, but since there is no option for pop I classed it as "fusion" seeing as there are elements of classical instrumentation in this track.
(french horns, flure, violin, etc)

The lyrics are from the Facebook status of an old friend of mine... who incidentally happens to be a poet.

Tags : | Breakbeat | 5.34 MB
Added To Favs : 2009-10-05 11:44:05 - 13 years ago

Description : This is some thing that I got from myhst and crew. It wss a pleasure to arrange and remix this track. This is with out a dout the hottest track that I have arranged. This is an upcoming release for the fusion room records. I really hope you all like this. Pleas give me feed back.

Added To Favs : 2009-08-31 04:51:50 - 13 years ago

Description : My "Classic" beat featuring Trojanmics lyrics and vocals.

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