you want some of this hot fire yeah
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About Me

Family man. New to beat crafting.
420 Very is Encouraged and a Requirement.
Been playing since 1990. College Graduate, Majored in Music. Understand theory and write songs daily.
Music has been everything for my entire existence.
My family is also that. I’m 42 and have just taken up in the art of beat-making. And Ween!

Instruments I play

Guitar Bass Keys Vox Songwriter(with an extensive Catalogue of Original Material)

Software I Use

Pro Tools
Arcade by Output(magnificent to use)

Hardware I Use

Novation Impulse 49
Presonus Faderport 8
Mac OSX.

Listening To Right Now

Radiohead, Miles Davis. Primus. Cathedral. Carcass. Type O Negative. The Ramones. Ween. Snoop. Stormzy, JME, Psychedelic. Stoner. Space Jams. Funkadelic. Morbid Angel. Dean Martin. Ween. Jam Bands. Sludge. New Wave. Tori Amos. KD Lang. Urban Dance Squad. Cypress Hill. David Bowie #2. Pride & Glory. Ween. Willie & Waylon.

10 Favourite Albums

Queens of the Stone Age- Songs for The Deaf/Rated R; All Flaming Lips albums; Radiohead ‘Kid A’ David Bowie's 'LOW' and 'Heathen'; Outkast 'Stankonia' and 'SpeakerBoxx/Love Below; Beck 'Sea Change & Mellow Gold'; Soundgarden 'Superunknown'; Zappa 'Apostrophe'; Air 'Moon Safari'; ALL BOINGO ALBUMS.
All Live albums by the Dead.
West Coast/East Coast/Dirrty South. All Hip Hop is to be treasured. The Flaming Lips ‘The Soft Bulletin’ is a masterpiece.

My Influences / Fav Artists

#1 is Oingo Boingo and Ween. Then it's all The Flaming Lips. The Grateful Dead & Company. The Cure. Faith No More. Phish. Public Enemy #1. Dr Dre. Tribe Called Quest. Queens of the Stone Age. Ween. Danzig. Dizzie Rascal. MC Ren. Zappa. Warren Zevon. Talking Heads. Slayer. EPMD. Ice Cube. Waylon Jennings. Ween. Madonna. Manson. Miami Vice. ALL 80's NEW WAVE, Depeche Mode, The Smiths, WHAM!, Space Jazz, Smokey Jazz, Smoke Smoke, Live Jams, Psychedelic Swirls, LSD, CHILL-HOP, Weed-Hop

My Music Sounds Like

Psychedelia-Hop Ambient Space Jams Sludge Stoner Metal Crunch Space-Jam Jazz-Hop-Weed-Trip-Heavy Outlaw-Country-Hop-Dark-Synth-New Wave-Hop-Weed Ween Bass-Heavy Power-Hop Pop!

In My Other Life I ...

There is NO Other life. MUSIC is it. I built a Home studio with the intent on having musicians show up and jam for hours, with weed smoke filling the air and hours upon hours of Jams being recorded. Well, So much for that NOW! Thanks, Covid 19!