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About Me

Real name Author, Eddie Smith out of North Carolina. I've always been into Music, It has been my life since day one. Former Mix as well as Club Dis Jockey and part-time Internet Radio DJ as well as Full-time Electronics Technician as well as Interior Designer. It wasn't that long ago I came on to the Music seen as a Music Producer already knowing the Field pretty well and the hard work behind it. The name of my Recording Studio is called 100% Digital Recordings though I don't know how long I will stick to that name, Always looking for fresh ideals. I have a very long history so maybe I can tell more about myself later on or even by request.

Instruments I play

Drum Machine, Keyboard, Sax, Violin, Prophet IV. Organ-3, MiniMoog V, MiniMonsta XILS-3, Poly-KB and a host of others.

Software I Use

Believe me you will not want to see any of my Computers up in here. They are loaded. I'm a VST & VSTi Plugin Freak so my "Computer Based" Recording Studios are very, very Healthy right about now and is fully loaded because one thing I don't want is for a Artist to ask me for something and I don't have it, That is the worst thing that can happen. As old as it is I also have a Human Beatbox Machine inside my Studio. It's just far too much to name everything so I'll give as many as I can. First and foremost you will find Nepheton, Drumazon, to make a long story short you will find all of D16's Drum Machines as well as Nithonat which is a Bass Line inside my Master Studio in which is the highest Version of FL Studio you can Buy "FL Studio 9 XXL Sig., I also use the following Studios as Side Kicks for Fruity Loops, n-Track 6, MixCraft 4 and Magix Music Maker 14 Producer and just added to my list of Computer Based Studios is Steinberg Cubase Studio. I try to use only Professional Software and Plug-ins for Sound Quality as well as being Professional but if Freewares live up to the standards of the Pros I will grab it as well to use. You will also find National Recording Artist "Stevie Wonder" favorite Toy inside my FL Studio "Prophet IV". This thing alone can do the job of over 100+ Units and I enjoy working with it when even I get the chance to. I'm more of a Drum Machine user than anything. I also have a host of Drum Kits inside my Studios and just Plug-ins that just make noises. I Love to work with Easy Vox on Acapellas because it works Magic on bringing the Artist Voice to you and your Sound. You Guys gotta try it. I wish I can name everything so you Guys can know what's inside my Studios but I have a list the size of the Pentagon. Dub Siren for use in Reggae Joints. Elek7ro II, This thing is for users that is dead serious about Bass. I just recently added on Yamaha's Final Master to my FL Studio 9 XXL. This Product is used for Mastering and produces great sounds when used correctly. As you might can tell I add the things that I have nearly daily and keep this Page updated with new Software and Hardware I have coming in. Like I said I want to have the largest Studios possible. Also added to my FL Studio in which I use the most is Metal Amp Room. Very nice Unit. Just added to my Software list not too long ago was Magix Music Maker 16 Premium, Steinberg Cubase 4 Professional as well as Steinberg Wave Lab 6 for Editing and Mastering because I don't want to have to depend on any of my Studios to do everything so I added these, Besides it's best to do this type of thing for many reasons such as Sound. A lot of new items have been added to my Studios since the last time this was Edited such as MiniMoog V, A host of LinPlug's Plugins such as their Organ-3 and this brand new Plugin they just came out with just a few Months ago called MorphoX. Poly-KB and XILS-3 from XILS Labs that I Love working with in the Studio. Also got Alpha-3 and MiniMonsta. Maybe even 40+ Plugins since the last time this here was Edited so on that Note you know that I am very serious about this Music Production Business and my Studios.

Hardware I Use

Keyboard, Mixing Board, Amplifier, Drum Machine.

Listening To Right Now

I don't really have any Top 10s right now I'm just coming into the game trying to get my Studio setup right and learn it very well to put it to good use. However I am currently working on my first ever Project called "I Ride The 808" Dedicating my first ever CD to the Love of what I call "The 808 Get Drum". Be on the look out for my Tracks though because like I said I'm on the move.

10 Favourite Albums

Maybe this here is about other Artists stuff and in this case I have so many because it's so many Artists I like so I'm sure some will not get mention here. All of Luther Vandross work, Anita Baker, Diana Krall you are off the wall, Litzy you have it going on and I need to work with you someday. It's so many I can't think right now. Can't leave out Stacy Lattisaw, GQ, The Gap Band, Zapp, UTFO, Every Mix that Mix-Master ICE did I could do including "The Leader Of The Pack" so that was very, very fun for me back then at only 16 years old.

My Influences / Fav Artists

Those that Influenced me with becoming a Music Producer was mainly Super Stars "Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis", I always thought highly of their style, The Hats and Suits that they were. My biggest Influence of all though is myself because I'm the type of person that is always on the move making new changes to my life and what have you.

My Music Sounds Like

My Music? Well I try to bring that "Miami Sound" so this is one of the reasons I pretty much live in the 808. Anything for Sub Woofers so it's no doubt you are going to hear something drop in nearly everything I Produce unless the Artist I'm working for say otherwise. I'm trying to have a style of my very own because I never been one that wanted to be like or be someone I'm not.

In My Other Life I ...

Human Rights Advocate, Electronics Technician, Interior Designer