The real SHDOWghxst you are looking for
  • From : Sydney, Australia
  • Joined : Thu 21st Mar 2019, 1 year ago

About Me

Angeloo or just Angelo (because that's how you pronounce it). 13 yrs old, loves Dubstep, likes skating and other stuff, yea that's about it.

Instruments I play

piano, used to play flute and recorder, tried guitar once

Software I Use

FL Studio 20.7 (demo lol), PhasePlant, Harmor, some samples and that's about it

Hardware I Use

none atm, wish i had a midi controller or something to use for my music :( just the computer and my headphones for now (microsoft surface headphones btw, so they're good quality)

Listening To Right Now

The artists in TDR

10 Favourite Albums

A lot of albums lol

My Influences / Fav Artists

MARAUDA, maybe sometimes Oddprophet, Moonboy or Nosphere, idk i just make random things

My Music Sounds Like

idk, you can do the describing for me

In My Other Life I ...

school atm, or just play mobile legends or roblox (YES I KNOW IM STILL THAT KID LOL)