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  • From : Dartford, United Kingdom
  • Joined : Sat 5th May 2018, 10 months ago

About Me

I'm Thomas a passionate music creator. I was born in Dartford in the UK.
Moving on from my life story (I don't want to be boring)
I make my own instrumentals mostly using loops and then add some of my own creativity.
And I just enjoy making music overall.

Instruments I play

I play the drums (I'm a Grade 2 drummer)
I'm also alongside of that I'm learning to play the accordion

Software I Use

The audio software I currently use are...
MuseScore 3 - MuseScore three is the DAW (if you like) I use to create the composition of my loops.
Audacity - I use audacity as more of an editing tool once the composition on musescore has finished I then edit the sample in Audacity.
I'm currently learning to use Logic Pro at college.

Hardware I Use

powered speakers
drum kits

Listening To Right Now

Heavy Metal,Rap genres (Trap mostly) I sometimes listen to reggae.

10 Favourite Albums

I don't have any favourite albums

My Influences / Fav Artists

My influences are actually genres.
I'm currently learning how to play Samba on the drums.
I'm mostly influenced by Samba,Metal and other genres.

My Music Sounds Like

A bit of everything.
I take a lot of time finding what genres sound well combined together. I then experiment with it use a few loops here and there from the two genres that I'm combining to give an example I sometimes solely focus on the use of loops.

In My Other Life I ...

I just make music really I don't have a hobby.