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Song Writer and Producer
  • From : Waco, United States
  • Joined : Sat 29th Jul 2017, 1 year ago

About Me

Instagram: pilottrace

Instruments I play

I can improvise with anything, i mean if you use it enough you can make something at least listenable

Software I Use

I own FL Studio 12, Audacity [who doesnt], Ableton Live 9 [only used it twice], and im saving up for Pro Tools so hopefully this list gets updated to that at some point in time.

Hardware I Use

Its a boring, constantly, changing list of stuff i have that im sure no one cares about, because its all too common

Listening To Right Now

anything that pleases my lobes

10 Favourite Albums

i dont pick favorites, every piece of music is different and needs to be respected and appreciated in that way, even if you dont like it.

My Influences / Fav Artists

I just try to put my personality and a even flow on my stuff, but im prone to try a new style sometimes so it can get weird with me, but I love Lo-Fi, Jazz, and the Classic Hip/Hop sound in general, so I do mostly that.
Here's some people that gave me direct influence:
A Tribe Called Quest
Frank Ocean
Yung Franklin (Was MJ Smith)
Soul Kahn
Toro Y Moi
Oliver Francis
Sybyr (Was Syringe and MACXVII)
Snoop Dogg (and I think Snoop Lion is cool too fight me about that)
Yung Traviee [The goat]

My Music Sounds Like

idk one dude said Mac Miller from the GO:OD era, and one dude for some reason said Lil Johnie? I think thats not true but whatever

In My Other Life I ...

what other life? music is literally my life