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Music Gives Flight To The Imagination
  • From : Perth, Australia
  • Joined : Sun 16th Apr 2017, 1 year ago

About Me

I'm a vocalist/Songwriter i have been writing songs/performed on stage from a very young age and written songs for other people, i come from a music background but have had no formal training at all, my father always said i was born to sing, i just love it, guess it's innate like breathing, now i just sing for the sheer pleasure of it, music will always be my elixir in life :)

Instruments I play

I play guitar a little/Flute/Vocalist

Software I Use

Hardware I Use

Listening To Right Now

Dua Lipa, Jhene Aiko.

10 Favourite Albums

Too many to list :P

My Influences / Fav Artists

Well, the people in my Life in general but there are a plethora of artists i like old school/New school but i tend to find my own original style, i don't like mimicking other artists in any way but they have some small influence i guess, how could they not.

Artists Influence:
Norah Jones
Katie Melua
Jhene Aiko
Dua Lipa
Aretha Franklin
Lauryn Hill
Chaka Khan
Nat King Cole
Erykah Badu..But to name a few too many to list

Rappers Delight! well who i like...

PAPOOSE...But to name a few

My Music Sounds Like

Refreshing Candor, Natural, Sounds like ME :P.... I'm a Vocalist.

In My Other Life I ...

In my other life it would still involve sweet music
Singing, coz i have a voice and i know how to use it
Sweet sounds that fill the air and soul like the taste of ambrosia

In my other life it would be music utopia *Sigh*... any chance i get to rhyme words haha :)