big elusive cat
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About Me


You don't need my permission to download and use them, so enjoy. I only ask that you don't use them in work that has profanity and or sexual related content. Seriously this is my only request. So feel free to mix, chop and cut them up anyway you like.

As for me I'm a bit of a free spirit, I just let music come to me. Music is like this shift shaping being that takes on all diffirent forms.

Sometimes I get an over powering attractive to a piece of muisc and it's instant chemistry and everything fits naturally.

Others times it's like this moving pieces of sound reaching down and opening a window in me and releasing this melodious tone I had no idea existed.

Most times it like searching for a buried treasure in a field of buried treasures.

Instruments I play

I have a keyboard, i unplugged.
I try to use my voice as an instrument but more and more I feel the need to try to make some type of music.

Surely if I had more time I would love to learn to play the guitar and the drums.

Software I Use

I use cubasele4, i downloaded FL but intimidating at the moment..hahah

Hardware I Use

Win XP

Listening To Right Now

About 95% downloaded looperman tracks and loops.

10 Favourite Albums

Music for me always depends on my mood.

My Influences / Fav Artists

I love the music I make and the strange sounds that come from my mind, it always surpises me and I love making music with others.

I really appreciate this site, because I am constantly being inspired by others and I realize my music wouldn't exist without that inspiration.

My Music Sounds Like

Well I just try to find something different and then I try to sound different.

I've been told I should be a blues singer, which I know deep down is true because it comes so natural, however I've never been one to be put in a box, so I wouldn't put myself in any one genere.

In My Other Life I ...

I work part time in an IT department, but I spend the majority of my time as a volunteer teacher.

My free time is spent working on the many colabs multiple looperman members.

My process is just to do what inspires me at the moment, so i record bits and pieces here and there and constantly add new ones to the loop.