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  • From : Italy
  • Joined : Mon 15th Jun 2020, 1 year ago

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Description : maia sorek

Description : i made it, if u make something contact me i'm curiosone

Description : i made it with pintarello

Description : bitbitbitbitbit

Description : chip chip

Description : UHMMM MAICIACIRI CIALLALLA check my profile

Description : check my profile or u are pi├╣ppazzodemarra

Description : check my profile lol

Description : it's the sound when I'm only, near my rich lake, and I imagine my future with Marra

Description : a terrible bird is on my table

Description : proproproproproprogressionsnsnsns

Description : lol omega

Description : i'm crazy like Marra on this beat

Description : KICK+SNARE+HH

Description : ok champ, why do u want english bro? chill tnku

Description : lofiloop

Description : lollonesuperfamososeguimiveccio

Description : trap sad bellzzzz belle fess bella per chi le downloadda.

Description : kick compressed +eq, trap/hiphop snare compressed+eq, HHsnare+eq, HH+eq

Description : trappp belzzz

Description : normal violin

Description : BB. STUCKREAD F.18

Description : AIRY FLUTE

Description : flutesss

Description : chillguitar

Loops 1 - 25 of 30
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