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Tags : | Weird | 3.27 MB

Description : a bit of bicycle romance. maybe it should sound not quite human. maybe "genders" are not so clear. but there should be some courtship, some pursuit, some buildup. I tried for a bit of an odd-meter groove, some detuning of instruments. each bike has a song and they duet at the end as their mechanical passion builds. Inspired by painter ViVaDa's "Old Bikes in Love" at the site:

Tags : | Weird | 3.09 MB

Description : experimenting with tone color and pitch variation. trying to create connections between sounds and colors. the inspiration for this (as usual) in progress bit is a watercolor by Karsten.

Tags : | Ambient | 1.86 MB

Description : a couple of orange (blood parrot?) fish peak out from some purplish-blue phosphorescent coral. Underwater ambience (trying at least). the usual suspects as far as FL Studio synths go. here is the image:

Tags : | Weird | 2.42 MB

Description : a sky of deep pinks and yellows and reds delivers a cat and her servant to the planet's barren surface. some mission seems underway.

Tags : | Cinematic | 3.57 MB

Description : a music box track by Stohgs, wolves and babies by Phatkatz. decorated with some toms, bass synth

Tags : | Trance | 1.66 MB

Description : The third eye, like an electronic receiver, the vehicle of prophetic vision. But sometimes it needs to warm up a bit.

Tags : | Trance | 2.15 MB

Description : she comes from another world, as a princess bearing lilacs and a message of warning. based on auto-tuned fragments of Oceanically pella. Thank you Oceanically! Thank you Stohgs!

inspired by art of corina chirila

Tags : | Ambient | 2.32 MB

Description : the remnant of a washed out bridge emerges from a shimmering, slow moving river. fog-shrouded pines surround. an ambient bit using classic glass bow synth, since heavily effected suspended cymbal.

Tags : | Ambient | 2.58 MB

Description : a vase of chrysanthemums painted on a leather canvas creates a surrealistic impression.

Tags : | Ambient | 1.16 MB

Description : been rediscovering my old BOSS Dr. Synth DS-330. Using "bowed glass" "warm pad" "charang" sounds. a smokestack's swirling emission creates an up-down dimension. a bright sliver of sky is a swoosh across the soundscape. for a photo by Shelley Neff "luminous sunset"

Tags : | Funk | 4.32 MB

Description : some phantasmic sleigh tearing across the sky and then 2 feet above the snow, sometimes hitting a bump now and then. playing around with percs in FL studio, some scratch, exploring sets especially buskets and industrial set sounds. very old school saw wave synth from a BOSS Dr. Synth DSj-330 and good old saxophone sample from Yamaha keyboard

Tags : | Cinematic | 4.31 MB

Description : patience the cat is receiving dinner and chilling in the kitchen when a zombie breaks in. PHATKATZ cinematic concept and arrangements. SPIVKURL percs and consults. meow synth, FL Studio synths (megatron, toxic biohazard, flying cobra). Odd meter feel. The inspiration is a painting by Josephine Wall which can be viewed with an abbreviated version of track:

Description : to beat your enemy, become your enemy. right now we are not too happy with certain fringe elements terrorizing the middle east - so write an eastern flavor track to get in their heads! used an arab set, an ethnic harp. slayer distortion guitar

Description : inspired by a painting called Circle of Light - waterfall and lighthouse. FL Studio, varazdin trombone sample, plucked instrument, kalimba, log drums

Tags : | Ambient | 2.67 MB

Description : added a little finish for Skylawker's beautiful 'mooon' track. continuation of piano melody and a little closing section with some motives sampled from earlier in track.

Tags : | Cinematic | 4.43 MB

Description : Description : a few final touches and some mastering left on this one but almost there. trying to convey something of the inner and outer spirit of a train going down the tracks. used some paul-stretched samples for effects. early version of track may be viewed with a nice photo of railroad tracks here:

Tags : | Ambient | 3.61 MB

Description : inspired by photography of Andrew Paranavitana. He did a set of interior shots of an old abandoned penitentiary in Philadelphia. this is an ambient piece - DI created an old school horror flic kind of trac - we slowed it way down in audacity and then touched it with a little drum and noise

Description : the body is heavy upon webbed feet but the head bobs up and down on long extended neck as the goose forages in the snow. old school trombone and trumpet samples mixed in FL Studio. pentatonic starting on c. would like to develop a perc groove and a string break section. for a photo by Robin Lusk

Tags : | Jungle | 9.35 MB

Description : in tall grass a lion stands, waits for his moment. some tom and kick beats in fl studio, a synth tweaked to sound like a lion roar. thanks to Neal Visher for the guitar loop. for the painting 'African Lion' by Nick Gustafson

Tags : | Orchestral | 2.17 MB

Description : the midi whistle sound is a tough snake to tame but some chorus seems to mellow her some. just a local serpent shuffling around a little bit.

Tags : | Orchestral | 3.68 MB

Description : a mermaid needs the love of men, but her kiss brings death. yamaha dgx-200 old school sounds of gopichant, gamelan gongs, flute. some experimentation with dry in/out on the reverb to create distance/closeness.

Tags : | Orchestral | 3.00 MB

Description : a fugue section in development for another track "sparkling summer morning". Garritan Aria strings. just for the sake of sharing.

Tags : | Funk | 4.00 MB

Description : the groove is based on something by spivkurl and looneygoon did awesom job adding some heavy breathing and bird tweets effects of mine. the brass and bass and guitar solo are loosely based on a 12-tone scale in some very loose serial applications. enjoy. I need a guitarist to lay this down for real

Tags : | Cinematic | 938.37 KB

Description : a picture of seagulls on the beach as a giant wave is coming in suggested this piece. an opening scene to a movie came into my head and I added a Blackhawk chopper at the end with this in mind. done in old digital orchestrator

Tags : | Cinematic | 972.55 KB

Description : young female warrior is in pursuit even as she is pursued. dark foggy night and in the distance a church bell sounds and then . . . gunshots . . .

the track was inspired by a video game concept. intended as journeying/traveling/exploring background. it is loop based, features ethnic drums and a kanoon (turkish plucked instrument)

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