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Description : Right For Change

Description : Introducing Dr Eel. Well that's my other handle. First demo version. For all who don't get my raps are a mix between parody, rap and antagonism. Credit: Minor2go for the sample!

Description : Political song about alienation, celebrity worship and general injustice between the rich and famous and anyone else.

Thx to minor2go for loop, brillo for guitar... Shakespeare for the quote RIP!

Description : Thanks to Minor2Go's Lifeblood full pack for the tune. Bass, vocals and incidental effects my own in collaboration with others. A parody of Barcelona's Policy of fining humans up to 1000 EUR for urinating on the street, meanwhile not offering public toilets? Oh, pick pocket someone under 400 Euros and you get off without fine as it ain't a crime! Make Sense? To me neither. I'm appealing to put up public toilets so I'm not a criminal for doing something which is in every other city so much easier to do! NOTE: This song is parody. I am not condoning breaking this local by-law. I'm suggesting it needs re thinking, mainly by the list of words that mean what they ought to put in to make Barcelona cleaner!

Tags : | Rock | 3.77 MB

Description : Minor2go, backing sample big ups! Credits to whatyoudo plus GM on lyrics on spoken word. Shakespeare quoted in spoken word ;-D. Exploring hope, desperation, solace and triumph.

Tags : | Rock | 3.05 MB

Description : A Jigsaw Concept production demo in progress. A collaboration with whatyoudo on another site. Looking for any feedback. Original music my own, lyrics and guitar contributed and jointly owned for our joint Jigsaw Concept.

Tags : | Rap | 5.30 MB | Adult Content

Description : Just produced using a bass plus various effects and drum loops from Riffworks. Song is about how nationalism even if approached from a socialist angle is still very dodgy! We only need to look from WWII to present to view how it goes. Entirely me on this song. First ever rap song ever recorded. A bit TOO much like The Streets and changed vocal style to appear like MORE rappers than there were..

Description : Hip Hop rap track in the style of The Streets. About people who use others for financial reasons. Collaborated on another site, but wanted to say thanks to PianoSounds for his cool loops that made this possible! This is the 3rd EVER hip-hop song I made, collaborated on and produced. Feedback appreciated, especially for the vocals which come at you pretty damn fast!

Tracks 26 - 33 of 33
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