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Tags : | Country | 9.88 MB

Description : This is a song about anyone who is living their life in crisis and needs something to hold onto. I played all the instruments and programmed the drums and yes (gulp) even the vocals. The first song I have ever sung on any of my productions. My father always told me, you'll never grow unless you try , so I thought I would give it shot. I hope you enjoy this song and for those who are in a position of crisis or pain, I wish you better days. Comments always welcome. - Cheers - Bilbozo

Tags : | Heavy Metal | 9.04 MB

Description : This is a collab with fellow friend, musician and keymaster SongDoc (David C. Deal), myself...with the acapella is from Chris Vena. We decided to give this one a dark heavy metal overtone (almost goth like) but still hold a club groove to keep it moving and interesting. It was an exercise in creating atmosphere. It basically shows how versatile David is, he virtually can play any genre with impecable success. Not really what people may expect from the two of us, but it definately was a lot of fun as all collabs are with Dr. Deal. Get ready to groove with the dead ! LOL Cheers and comments are always most welcome.

SongDoc (David C. Deal) - Keyboards

Bilbozo - Guitars, Bass, Precussion

Chris Venna - Vocal acapella

Tags : | Blues | 9.89 MB

Description : I put this one together while looking out the window at the year's first snow. A good moody driving song to get lost in. Three chord slowhand blues progression. Thanks to Slap Johnson for the great sax loops used in this song. I used my GR-20 guitar synth for a few of instruments including the Rhodes Organ, always a fun toy compared to doing on my keyboard sometimes. Most of the recording was done with my new Les Paul Studio guitar, err... (until i I broke a string on the outro, so I decided to throw in a Fender Strat too to finish it up. LOL) See if you can pick out the tonal difference between the two guitars for fun. I hope you enjoy this song and comments are always most welcome. Cheers and thanks so much. (Bilbozo)

Tags : | Rock | 7.70 MB

Description : It's seems like ages since I have posted a song. Music has always been a great escape for me. Not just the therapeutic creativity of exercising my brain (too much trans-fat up there !), but to dream of being in a peaceful place. Hence the song "Cafe in Peru." It takes me to a place where things are simple, Where the smells of Peruvian coffee, culture, wonderment and mystery. I have travelled to many places in Mexico, Central America Life there is one of passion, values and romance. I am glad I finished this song, because if I had any more of it's atmosphere it produced in my dreams, I might never have come back ! Can I buy you a Mountain Roasted Blend? Enjoy. I wish you Love, family, peace and music.

Tags : | Heavy Metal | 6.83 MB

Description : It's always exciting to get the opportunity to collab with other guitar players on Looperman. One of was Pete (SPD2). Pete justy impressed me with his picking, aggressive style, killer vibrato. So right away if we were going to collab it would have to be something heavy, intense and dynamic. Arena style rock/metal that boils in your blood like a seringe of caffeine. Pete and I hope you enjoy Metalshop 101 and of course feel free to leave some comments.

Pete you killed this one, great work my friend. Get your lighters ready...

Love, Peace and music - Bilbozo

Tags : | Jazz | 5.70 MB

Description : Meet Mrs. Bilbozo. The first time I have ever had the chance to collaborate with my wife Claudia. I thought it was fitting for Mother's day. Her voice was one of the things that swayed me into marrying her. This one is in Spanish, a traditional love song. This is for all who have lost love but still feel their love is always eternal...we hope you enjoy this song from our family to you. Cheers, love, peace and music. - Bill ( Bilbozo ) and Claudia Smith

Tags : | Blues | 5.77 MB

Description : A recording I did a few years ago. I guess I don't pull out my old Strat enough, so this was fun to experience the twangy tone that I loved so much that came with it. I wanted to capture and go back to some of the spiritual influenced playing I used to do, wind things down but in a emotional way. Ambient Blues with a latin twist. Instrumental ballad designed to pull at the heart in solitude. I love to play my guitar like a voice, and try to capture a mood . Selection of clean and overdriven electric guitars. Piano, clavs and hammond on my Axiom. Drums are samples and loops. If anyone has heard of artist Colin James, this was his his influence he inspired me with. Enjoy and comments always most welcome. Cheers ! - Bilbozo

Tags : | Rock | 7.69 MB

Description : Wow ! It's been a while since I did something since I had bummed up my shoulder last month.

Remember Me ( Recuerdame ) is a latin guitar rock instrumental track that is based somewhat on the cover progression by & la Quinto Estacion. I played all the instruments and layed out the music beds and changed the progression and tempo a bit to make it interesting. (authorized through Harry Fox Agency #SL26498)

A real emotional piece in the key of E Minor Mixolydian and Penatonic. Features, some cookin' electric guitar, acoustic flamenco, piano and strings. I'm not a drummer so the drums were compliments of Toontrack Superior Drummer

This was therapy to get the arm back into shape. I'm so glad to be back making music again ! Perhaps it's time to do a few more collabs too...Woohoo

I hope you all like it and please feel free to leave any comments. Cheers, love, peace and music. - Bilbozo

Tags : | Country | 7.69 MB

Description : You don't hear much of any traditional country here so here ya go ! I had the opportunity to play with a couple of fine country gents. "Crazy Over You" featuring country legends Buddrumming on Drums, Scott "Bassman" McLeod on bass and vocals, and Bilbozo on guitars, pedal steel and background vocals. Some porch style country fun. Perfect for the Valentines Cowboy ! We hope you like it and comments always welcome...yeeeehar lol ! - Bill ( Bilbozo )

Tags : | Hip Hop | 7.08 MB

Description : A hybrid of cross-over of hip-hop, hard rock & pop. Featuring the vocals of Ciera Corr. This is kind of a fresh approach for me as I usually don't hit some of these genres, but couldn't resist the progression, beat and feel of this one which is seductive, dark and heavy which would go well with guitar. Some real fun chunky axe lines, grinding chords, dual guitar lines and a little shred for interest. Cheers and comments always welcome. Thanks - Bill ( Bilbozo )

Tags : | Funk | 6.84 MB

Description : Time to get FUNKY ! I asked Mista Perez to come up with a vocal track on a funk tune I wrote a few weeks back. Of course with his vocal and writing talent he knocked it out of tha park as expected. The track also featuresthe keyboard wizardry of Larry T. - The Werewolf (TLT50). Shake that thang vibe ! Comments most welcome, love peace and music ! - Bilbozo

Tags : | RnB | 7.38 MB

Description : One of my best engineering productions to date I think. Great little R&B Song with the vocals of BillyD. Smoky and sultry love song I know you will really enjoy. I would like to thank him for his incredible vocal talent and Buddrumming for his awesome drums & precussion. Some really great sax loops of the great Steve (Slap Johnson) Bone. All other instruments were played by myself, bass, guitars, backup harmonies and keyboards. This is a really special song..great baby making music too heheheh. Comments always welcome. Cheers and peace, love and music.

Tags : | Fusion | 6.23 MB

Description : I have the honor and pleasure to do another song with the "Wonder from Down Under" PlanetJazzBass. I love his fusion based playing and it was begging to play on this orchestrial Fusion Track. This is a Blend of Symphonic, Fusion and Rock. Some experimatation made this one real fun. You get new software VSTi's and you feel like a kid in a candy store! Thanks for listening and comments always welcome. - Bilbozo

Tags : | Rock | 6.41 MB

Description : This is another collaboration with fellow guitar wizard Joseph Rodriguez from Puerto Rico. The song is based on a heavy dance club beat mixed with lots of precussion. Latin flavors with lots of shared guitar work. Dualing harmonies, melodic solos behind horns and strings making this a groove based crossover of rock, latin and funk. Comments always welcome. Cheers and love, peace and music ! - Bilbozo

Tags : | Blues | 6.73 MB

Description : This was a wonderful collab which I had originally posted a few months ago as an instrumental with the need of of vocal and lyrics. The talented Mack Sanders came through with a pure emotional raw blues tune written from the heart called "Woman's Touch". As the sweet icing on the top of this cake I invited the great Slap Johnson do some superb sax solo work and call and answer sax with the vocals to polish the song to a shine. Thanks so much for the collab fellas. So very much appreciated and an honor to play with such gentlemen like yourselves. Professionals at their finest !

BILBOZO - Guitar, Keys, Backing Vocals, Arrangement
MACK SANDERS - Vocals, Lyrics and Harmonica

Comments always welcome ! Cheers and take good care - Bilbozo

Tags : | Heavy Metal | 6.25 MB

Description : I was in a creative heavy mood and I wanted to compose a cool mix of metal and symphonic classical music in a melodic manner. So I pulled out all the stops, lots of keyboard padding, choir voices, classical loops and of course some meaty guitar with lot harmonies and melody solos with some very interesting breaks. The result is a very Cinematic Final Fantasty vibe. This was a blast to conjure up. I hope you all like it. As always comments are most welcome. Cheers, Peace and Love - Bilbozo

Tags : | RnB | 6.67 MB

Description : I put on my acoustic and electric guitar, warmed up the keyboard and put this song together. Lyrics and vocals courtesy of Shannon Hurley (Pella from ccmixter,org). I hope you enjoy it...a cool laid back R&B tune, great sexy groove for a summer day with your significant other. It's not generally my genre but I think it came out really good ( considering being a wee bit pickled heheh). Comments always welcome. Cheers, peace and love. - Bilbozo

Tags : | Rock | 7.06 MB

Description : This Corona is for you with a wedge of lime too ! The intro hook should sound familar. Latin rock, with hammond b4, acoustic and flamenco style guitar and some Santana style guitar wankin'. Most people know I am half Spanish...suprisingly the other half is Scottish ! So put on your kilt and sombrero. Grab a haggis taco with me and get ready to party. Comments always welcome. Hasta la vista wee laddies ! - El Bilbozo the Braveheart

Tags : | Rock | 6.87 MB

Description : Historia De Un Amor (Story of Love) is an old traditional Spanish Song but this is rocked up with a contemporary twist and feel. The progression always stuck in my head as an emotional moving one. I tried using a variety of instruments, electric, acoustic guitars, some keys with horns and some hammond organ to try to capture a jazzy vintage feel to this but with contemporary soloing. I hope you enjoy it. - The MexiCanadian

Tracks 26 - 44 of 44
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