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Description : i wrote this as a performance piece to entertain people, i have done it live many tiimes & it always goes over well. it is a spoken word science fiction poem setting with a triphop music track in 12/8. it is about the pseudo-humanoids & the weird reality warps that they cause. as you can hear i can always use strange sound loops so if you have any let me know!

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Description : a wacky surreal rant populated by a whole menagerie of bogus beasties set to a very syncopated funky breaks track. the lyrics came out of personal experiences, "when the weasels (come out of the wall)" refers to those times in life when the false friends & secret enemies make their move or are uncovered on a political level. it is sort of like a slapstick cartoon in that the protagonist seems to stumble thru to victory. the track started with a lucky break, sampling an electric spark that was a perfect E natural so i put together that rhythmic figure you hear @ the beginning in 7/8 with 2 sparks in counterpoint an octave apart. the rest of the track kind of flowed out of that, those same rhythms are picked up on other instruments. i was also influenced by ravel's "bolero" which is why i used that particular scale that also gives the song its flavor.

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Description : the lyrics are science fiction jabberwocky. they were written mostly for sound, rhythm & stream-of-consciousness imagery, like a tribal chant. they sound meaningless but are actually symbolic. "off with the clones in the cemetery bones" means that the clones are out robbing graves & committing necrophilia so it's definitely a song of dark humor, that's why the music is so dark & eerie. the feel is moody triphop in the verses & more rocktronica in the refrain, where i played several galactic fuzztones on guitar. the time shifts from 4 to 6 to 8 & the harmony is very chromatic. i wrote the song, did the vocals & guitars & programmed the track on logic 9. all of the sounds are combinations of different elements, if i use a drum loop i will progam an indenical track on the ultrabeat drum synth to reinforce it. when your time signature is changing a lot then looping becomes more complicated but it can be done.

Tracks 1 - 3 of 3
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