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Tags : | Rap | 6.11 MB

Description : This track is one I have been working and it is done now, and has a key change for the bridge to make it sound eerie. It is also mixed better than the last version. Enjoy

Tags : | Techno | 1.65 MB

Description : This would be the one inspired by xtc...I only have a 1/4 of it done, but I thought I would share it anyway. Enjoy

Tags : | Techno | 1.63 MB

Description : Inspiration at an odd hour. I wanted to write some techno. It's a little out of my niche, but I love it anyway. I have another one inspired by xtc...

Tags : | Cinematic | 2.20 MB

Description : I wanted to do something that I could put in a movie with slow motion shit and then further in start a hardcore action scene. I wrote it using a couple of drum kits from looperman, wrote a cool drum part and then wrote some strings. This was mostly all TS-404 on FL Studio. Hopefully you catch what I'm going for. If not then I have fucked up and need to fix this. Peace

Tags : | Rap | 4.96 MB

Description : Totally brand new, this one's really simple with a good melody, that eventually, like all my songs, will have vocals. It was a vocal line that at the time I did not have any mic's I wanted to use. I won't use crappy equipment. It's just not worth it, it never sounds good. This should be a really good freestyle beat as well. My buddies always like my shit cause it's real easy to rap to.

Tags : | Rap | 6.37 MB

Description : A gangsta track that I really like. Almost almost all my songs have solos in them too. This is a particularly good one I think (out of all the ones that I have written anyway). I actually have a cool hook for this too. I am just a musician, not a rap artist. I'm a white Canadian, lol! IDK love it or hate it.

Tags : | Chill Out | 5.17 MB

Description : A song I wrote from a cool piano thing I was writing, and instead of playing it live, I decided to turn it into a hip-hop groove. Pay attention to the 303ish solo's throughout the song. Imagine it with a good rapper as well. It would sound better like this than what I had in mind for it at the time. If this doesn't relax you and put a smile on your face, then I need to know how to fix it.

Tags : | Electronic | 3.31 MB

Description : A song I would love a good singer/rap artist to lay down some vocals for with a cool hook. I really have no plan for it, I need help. It is inspired by a dream I had and the entire week of listening to metal and techno on and off. This is what you get with a guy who is good at all styles of music.

Tracks 1 - 8 of 8
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