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Description : Using new mixing techniques.

Description : For the summer

Description : Tried the Monte Booker drum kit on this one with some Violin melody that I made and edited.

Description : Back to trap

Description : On soundcloud.

Description : Neptunes

Description : Neo-noir esque

Description : Return after a few weeks break, chill vibe.

Description : Slow vibe.


Description : PIANO

Description : On soundcloud.

Description : Made this one with my mate Marcus for a bit of fun.

Description : Samples a note from Mareld 2021 - Ìxtahuele. Final boss!

Description : Sample from got to keep on the move - sound experience.

Description : MULAN KEITH!!!

Description : Sample from Hipster Girl by Naji & falcxne (2016).

Description : First time sampling a track. Treat Him Right by Mickey Murray, 1967.

Description : Made in a rush, with sleigh bells. Happy Holidays.

Description : First time using Gross beat.

Description : Guitar drill based, a little different.

Tracks 1 - 21 of 21
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