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Tags : | Electronic | 5.92 MB | Featured | LMMS

Description : Save other by snatching from the fire.

Description : Whoever has ears, let them hear. feat.steelyvibe

Description : stuck in an eternal graveyard

Description : lots of manipulated steelyvibe's acapellas in this track

Description : 144 Scriptures of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Most of the sampling was done by steelyvibe's acapellas some way or another.

Description : most of the sampling was done someway or another by steelyvbe's acapellas. Maxedlife darktraparp is also in there.

Description : the light of shadows.
loops from : Corruptedd - Sidechained Synth Lead
Bell Melody Loop

Description : song about m favorite bugs lightbugs! last song on my new album "Darkness won't win". Want a free cropy of it just holla through here. Not trying to push an album, just hope you listen to the song.

Thanks to steelyvibe for her acapellas.

Description : gopher interruption of signals in a vast array

Description : Keep the purity of things especially love.

Description : About are determined fate. lots of choices but its end how it ends.

Tags : | Techno | 5.88 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : called this one looperman. its for you guys.

Description : The Sheep are Lost and He Chooses which ones that come back.

Description : About the Authority and theSeven Stars on the palm of Jesus Christ.

Tags : | Dirty | 3.02 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : This a live session done with g- stomped on my phone. Thanks to Steelyvibe, alabfruit, nnorthgav000, Dopplergamman

Description : About the Horse of War they talk about in the Bible.
Tanks to steelyvibe for her acapellas.

Description : A song about the Crucifixion

Description : about loving things so much, thanks to steelyvibe for her acapellas

Description : A song about Reproval

Tags : | House | 6.38 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : instrumental about the seven bowls of God's wrath

Description : a song inspired by sequences

Tags : | House | 3.48 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : its an instrumental track for yall, thanks to steelyvibe for her acapellas

Tags : | House | 4.45 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : God is good and perfect. Track dedicated to this. Thanks to steelyvibe for her acapellas. Hope you enjoy !

Description : hard pumping house track about Jesus CHrist. Thanks to Steelyvibe for her unforgettable samples and acapellas, couldn;t of done it without her

Description : Consencrate you mofos

Tracks 1 - 25 of 40