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Description : An update on an earlier track. This is kind of a Gold Guns Girls remix, I used alot of its vocals. Mixing is bad im still getting used to this, and the last four measures arent done yet.

Tags : | Trap | 11.73 MB | Adult Content

Description : Mixing needs work...

Description : MADE IN FL - According to a friend, a mix of Pendulum, Infected Mushroom, and some others I dont remember, otherwise I have no f***ing clue what genre this is.

Tags : | 8Bit Chiptune | 3.54 MB

Description : Videogamey indie four on the floor type track. Im not entirely sure what to label it. Track was made in LMMS. Always wanted to start making music, so I looked up the cheapest way to do that, saw LMMS cause it was free. Its working so far. Anyway feel free to use this in any way you please. Feedback is welcome.

Tracks 1 - 4 of 4