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Description : My first pass at a remix for this great vocal. Hope you like

Tags : | EDM | 10.45 MB | Colab Request | Cubase

Description : My follow up track to Subway Suicide. Having reached bottom and trying to fix things, there is the inevitable lapse (listen for the dropped surgical instrument). Is there a lyric? Hmm, perhaps somebody else's story.

Tags : | EDM | 12.96 MB | Colab Request | Cubase

Description : Another drum sample inspired track. Originally intended it to be an ambient number, but developed into what it is today. Took me several years to name it and only then because I was on a downward spiral at the time. But if you listen and imagine the rattling of the underground, the title does become plausible. Do not, however, take it as an instrucion, not worth it.

Tags : | Pop | 10.15 MB | Colab Request | Cubase

Description : The title of the track, came from the drum sample that inspired it, though the sample is no longer present. Originally posted on Soundclick, recently updated it, lengthening it and changing one or two sounds into the form it is now.

Tags : | Pop | 9.70 MB | Colab Request | Cubase

Description : The rising and falling of the sun and moon, over the passage of time of four (heart)beats in a bar,
and the rising and falling of the tides.

Tags : | Pop | 10.53 MB | Colab Request | Cubase

Description : Starts with drum track and then builds adding extra elements over the course of time. This tune was once described to me as German Porn Music by a former Manager of mine, never having watched German Porn, I just took his word for it.

Tags : | Pop | 11.13 MB | Colab Request | Cubase

Description : A rarity I know, a track with an actual name rather than numbers. Did originally have some lyrics, though not enough for a full song, but the working title is taken from the original chorus. If anyone is inspired to write something for it, would be interested to hear their efforts.
Steve R

Description : Inspired by one of my analogue synths and a free vsti, just a simple tune.

Description : Only really two elements to this track. Added a few bits of ear candy in places, used a few little acapella pieces from Computer Music Magazine just to try some vocal interest. Ideally would love some real vocals if anybody can fit 'em in. Love to hear your thoughts.
Steve R

Tags : | Pop | 9.28 MB | Colab Request | Cubase

Description : Project I started for someone, who in the end, wasn't interested. Perhaps a little too poppy for their liking. Bit unsure of some of the synth sounds, but I'm no programmer, so print n be damned.

Tags : | Pop | 7.57 MB | Colab Request | Cubase

Description : Simple tune with a funky backbeat

Tags : | Pop | 10.13 MB | Colab Request | Cubase

Description : Third in my YNOT series that stretched back to the 90s (Hence the title). Though I play what comes out there is a bit of an OMD feel (not that I was trying to emulate anyone in particular). Hope you like.
Steve R

Tags : | Pop | 9.72 MB | Colab Request | Cubase

Description : Another tune in the same vein as YNOT1. Again from the 90's.

Tags : | EDM | 9.11 MB | Colab Request | Cubase

Description : One of my favourite tracks, had fun making it cos it just seemed to flow when doing it. Tried to keep it minimal only using 4 elements at most at any one time. If anyone would like to contribute more to tune, msg me in comments

Description : Based around the arpeggiation. The tune itself reminds me of 'The Old Grey Whistle Test' and walking hammers

Description : This is an updated version of my track using two seperate acapellas. Had to chop a bit out of one vocal line for it to fit nicely (though still a bit rough sounding)

Description : Laid back electronic piece from way back

Tags : | Pop | 8.65 MB | Colab Request | Cubase

Description : This track was made in the 90s on an Ensoniq EPS16+ originally. Tried to keep as close to the original as possible (there are some sounds that I just can't find an equivalent for in todays plugins)

Description : Electronic (You decide cos I don't follow trends)

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